Mike Grehan Gets A Micro Moment Google Poster

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Mike Grehan Gets A Micro Moment Google Poster

Mike Grehan has been in the SEO/SEM industry for a long long time, even before me. He wrote some of the more data driven books about links back in the day and has inspired a lot of of the older SEOs. And now, he has his very own Google micro-moment large poster sign.

It seems Google's Think With Google program has a Micro Moments campaign where they try to get advertisers to think about how important it is to get the customer to think about your brand and solution right from their first search (i.e. on mobile). Mike Grehan I guess submitted his micro-moment quote and Google liked it so they published it here and sent him a poster with it and his face 'cartoonized' on it.

Mike posted it on Google+ and said "How cool is this? I just received a package from Google with my own "micro-moment" in it. They got the quote right, the black specs and black shirt... And even covered my grey with a little color in my hair - how kind."

Ah, the good old days before mobile. :)

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