Google Sends Mental Health Cards To Some Employees

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Google Mental Health Cards To Employees

Someone shared a photo of a card they received from Google, their employer, with encouraging messages and more to help someone who may need a bit of encouragement. It seems it is to help with anxiety or depression or simply to cheer up some of their employees.

The card was posted on Instagram and describes what is in the tiny gift bag. It reads, "For Life's Little Emergencies:"

"An Elastic band to bounce back when you're stretched thin...

A 1c coin, so you're never broke...

A Paper clip, to keep things together if they fall apart...

Glitter, to remember to have fun...

A Puzzel piece, to remind you that you're an important part of the puzzle."

How sweet is that?

The person that received it wrote on Instagram:

the.effin.maggieOkay, not kidding, this legit made me happy and cry a little. 😭 #mental #healthcare in this country may suck ass, but that’s the sweetest thing I’ve seen an employer do, ever. (There’s also a stack of links on the back for how to get more concrete help.)

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