Tenacity Mural At The Google Dublin Office

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Tenacity Mural At The Google Dublin Office

Robyn Carey, an artist, posted about her latest mural project that Google's Dublin office contracted her to work on. She calls this mural "Tenacity" and posted more photos and details on Instagram.

She said:

Hand painted mural at Google European Head Offices, Barrow street, Dublin.

An honour to be commissioned by @google as part of their Artists in Residence programme @google.air in such an iconic building - the piece is visible on Barrow street so be sure to check it out if you’re walking by!

This is the biggest painting I’ve ever done and I am buzzing to work again at this scale soon!

Huge thank you to Gray Area Foundation San Francisco @grayareaorg for curating and producing this project with me.

Many thanks to :

All the staff at google for working on this project with me, and all the security staff for having the chats and listening to tunes with me.

@seanatmos for helping me with the scale and measurements

@johnielyons for documenting the work with video

@experthwcrumlin for the paint mixing and supplies

@michelecarey100 for her continued support of me as an artist and for the title, she reminded me I am tenacious when I was at a low point last year and I didn’t forget it

About the piece :

The global pandemic has deeply affected the collective consciousness of society. The emotions felt at these major changes to society have left their marks on us, but there is a profound beauty in the tenacity of the human mind's willingness to persevere in the face of hardship.

The hand painted textures in this piece are originally inspired from an artwork titled ‘Spiraling’ which was created in early March of 2020.

This was my gestural exploration of the tactile sense’s response to the emotion felt before the looming global pandemic. It was a foreboding feeling of chaos and the loss of control.

I wanted to use this as a starting point and contrast it with bright bold and vivid colours and forms, creating structures and patterns ultimately balancing the textures to give a sense of harmony.

‘Tenacity’ celebrates the human mind's strength to adapt and flourish adversity, choosing new pathways and connections towards thriving once again.

Also, below is her actively working on the project in December:

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