How To Join The Last Google Webmaster Hangout Of The Year

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As you all know, I do try to join as many Google webmaster hangouts as possible live. But I always make an effort to listen to them after the fact as well, so I can pull nuggets out to share here. The last webmaster hangout of the year is today. John Mueller of Google opened up the topic to anything webmaster related.

The question many people ask is how they can join. The trick is to watch the comments area in the Google+ post where John initially posted the hangout details. John via the Google Webmaster account will add a comment with the link to join the hangout live. It will be posted right around the start of the hour, so in this case, right around 10am EST. Make sure to refresh or watch the page for the comment and then click on the link asap and join the live hangout.

Here is what the comment would look like, this is a screen shot from an old hangout:

Again, you must watch the Google+ post for the Google Webmaster comment with a link to join live. You have to be fast because the 10am live hangouts get filled up quickly. Although today, many people are off, so it might not be too full.

Here is the video embed of the hangout, if you want to watch it later. I do hope to personally join:

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