June 25th Google Search Algorithm Update Legit

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Yesterday I reported about the early chatter and reports of a Google algorithm update brewing. Well it seems to be the real thing based on the feedback I've received over the past 24 hours or so.

Of course, Google's John Mueller gave the blanket Google statement on Twitter:

There are tons of comments on my original story from webmasters saying they were hit. And there are tons of tweets as well.

Here are some comments on this site:

There had to be some kind of quality-related update. The company I work for is in healthcare and there were massive changes over the past day to the majority of our competitors. Lots of sites that I keep an eye on and know to have super spammy backlink fell in a huge way, some losing like 75% of their estimated traffic from the more competitive queries.

Two of my sites saw huge fluctuations on Sunday and into today. One post went from page 5 to 1. Another went from page 1 to 3. And what I am seeing on mobile is completely different than the desktop. I've checked from different computers at different locations to verify and call people to have them check in different cities .

There is a major algorithm wave happening right now. Someone I know in SEO said that it is Google's "Moon Algo". The new moon was Saturday.

Yes this is a refresh of Panda and Penguin. We are tightening up penguin again because people feel as if they can simply have their links ignored and continue spamming without repercussions. I would strongly suggest treading with care as we move into next week. Clean up internal anchors, overuse of single words, overoptimized external anchors.

Not a lot of movement .. except one site that has been problematic since April / May seems to have gotten obliterated overnight. Although really don't know if its an update per se. I could easily point to thinner content and lack of ecommerce functionalities making it less User Friendly. But still watching ...

I can confirm that starting last Friday a new Panda algorithm is rolling out. Wait until the end of next week to see its full impact.

My serps are jumping around like Kangaroos on heat. But I'm getting mostly positive movement.

Here are updated charts from the algorithm tracking tools:


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Advanced Web Rankings:

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SERP Metrics:

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So I would say this is a core ranking update to Google's search ranking algorithms.

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