PubCon Live: Graywolf - SEO and Social Media

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click for full sizeBelow is live coverage of the Graywolf - SEO and Social Media and Social Signals in Search experts panel from the PubCon 2011 conference.

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Barry Schwartz: 10:05:11 am
Here we go
Barry Schwartz: 10:05:32 am
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Barry Schwartz: 10:05:51 am
This is an "experts" panel... First is John Ellis on Social Signals in Search
Barry Schwartz: 10:06:08 am
SEO may be dead in 6 months according to the keynote...
Barry Schwartz: 10:08:18 am
He talks about how Google made search more personalized over the years. Personalized search, Google Wave, Google Real Time Search, Google Buzz... Then Bing integrated more with Facebook. Now we have Google +.
Barry Schwartz: 10:08:40 am
Most people use Facebook over Google + daily.
Barry Schwartz: 10:08:55 am
Google ended real time search, because their deal with twitter is done.
Barry Schwartz: 10:09:19 am
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Barry Schwartz: 10:09:41 am
With Google it is all about Google +... Google is scaling down a lot of other stuff. Google Buzz, iGoogle Social, Google Reader Social, etc.
Barry Schwartz: 10:10:08 am
Everything is being pushed towards Google +
Barry Schwartz: 10:10:21 am
True true, Google + is what Google cares about now.
Barry Schwartz: 10:10:39 am
Google just added Google + Pages
Barry Schwartz: 10:11:36 am
Bing is gaining ground
Barry Schwartz: 10:11:43 am
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Barry Schwartz: 10:12:00 am
Areas of Optimization witnin social
Barry Schwartz: 10:12:39 am
(1) Author highlighting
(2) Establishing social authority
(3) Facebook optimization
(4) Brand saturation
(5) Google + Optimization
Barry Schwartz: 10:13:26 am
Author Highlighting: Details at
Barry Schwartz: 10:15:21 am
He goes through the steps on how to add it:
(1) Create a Google Profile
(2) Link Content to Profile
(3) Link Profile to Content
(4) Verify with Rich Snippet Testing Tool
Barry Schwartz: 10:16:28 am
Social Authority: How does Google know what friends to show when you search for stuff?
Barry Schwartz: 10:18:31 am
Google looks for:
(1) Number of Replies/Comments
(2) Automation vs Manual
(3) Relevancy of Messages
(4) Associated with Online Groups
Barry Schwartz: 10:20:04 am
Tips for Gaining Social Authority:
(1) Automate Minimally
(2) Associate with people who will share
(3) Mix up your sharing so you aren't too predictable
(4) Do not over expose the message, repeating the same message over and over again.
(5) Meet these people in real life
Barry Schwartz: 10:20:46 am
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Barry Schwartz: 10:21:01 am
Facebook Optimization
Barry Schwartz: 10:21:32 am
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Barry Schwartz: 10:21:41 am
Some facebook posts show up in Google.
Barry Schwartz: 10:22:26 am
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Barry Schwartz: 10:22:29 am
Brand Saturation
Barry Schwartz: 10:22:41 am
Owning your brand in the search results. Social media profiles show up.
Barry Schwartz: 10:23:17 am
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Barry Schwartz: 10:23:22 am
Otherwise, you can be like Walmart
Barry Schwartz: 10:23:37 am
Google + Optimization:
Barry Schwartz: 10:23:46 am
Public Google + posts can show up in search results.
Barry Schwartz: 10:24:00 am
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Barry Schwartz: 10:24:21 am
It shows Google + comments, profiles who shared it or +1ed it, etc.
Barry Schwartz: 10:25:54 am
Google + Optimization Tips:
(1) Link to other profiles
(2) Stay fresh, keep it fresh and more content
(3) Use and fill out every field
(4) Use your name multiple times
(5) Content is "still" King
Barry Schwartz: 10:26:29 am
That is all, next up Michael Gray aka Graywolf
Barry Schwartz: 10:29:45 am
Michael Gray said having 65 verified people on Google linking to your content will be important.
Barry Schwartz: 10:29:56 am
Doing a quick Q&A right now
Barry Schwartz: 10:33:59 am
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Barry Schwartz: 10:34:02 am
Now Michael Gray
Barry Schwartz: 10:35:06 am
Conversations and community building has some value but the bottom line, how do I make money from it?
Barry Schwartz: 10:35:36 am
Link Building is the biggest thing out of social media that will give you results.
Barry Schwartz: 10:35:57 am
Generate attention for your brand and web site. The more attention you get, the more links you get.
Barry Schwartz: 10:36:04 am
Google wants social data
Barry Schwartz: 10:36:52 am
You want emotional content
Barry Schwartz: 10:38:24 am
If you are writing as an information resource, you need to be great.
Barry Schwartz: 10:38:30 am
You need to be creative about it
Barry Schwartz: 10:39:25 am
Blogs are still great, they help you put out content, it is linkable, sharable, use social buttons, etc.
Barry Schwartz: 10:39:52 am
Use short titles
Barry Schwartz: 10:40:06 am
Titles that are catchy are critical
Barry Schwartz: 10:40:39 am
You should sacrifice your keywords in exchange for viral content.
Barry Schwartz: 10:41:23 am
He prefers to use subfolders for blogs on your main domain. There are pros and cons. But for SEO purposes, go subfolder, he said.
Barry Schwartz: 10:41:47 am
Do not put your blog on a separate domain≥
Barry Schwartz: 10:42:49 am
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Barry Schwartz: 10:43:17 am
Keep the URLs as short as possible, and sacrifice putting keywords in URLs for viral purposes.
Barry Schwartz: 10:44:12 am
If the content page has a long term value, keep the content as is, but do add links into your commercial section.
If not, do not 301 redirect the page, instead put up different content.
Barry Schwartz: 10:45:57 am
Most blogs put date on the page. Google shows dates in the search results. Most people do not like to click on old content.
Barry Schwartz: 10:47:14 am
Michael even says, high risk, forge the date on the page.
Barry Schwartz: 10:51:30 am
Social Push:
(1) Tweets have a lifespan of 3-5 hours, so if no retweets, then you are out of luck.
(2) Retweet your own content multiple times a day for different time zones.
(3) Maybe change the tweet a bit
(4) Don't retweet the same stuff each time
(5) Ask friends to do it.
(6) A real tweet from a real trusted user is way more valuable than a zombie
(7) Facebook also
(8) Archive tweets, tweet out evergreen content
Barry Schwartz: 10:52:11 am
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Barry Schwartz: 10:52:24 am
She dressed this way to get attention, not b/c it looks pretty
Barry Schwartz: 10:53:54 am
(1) You are not trying to make sales
(2) Capture people's attention and build awareness
(3) Build links
(4) Build social signals
(5) You want people to search your brands in Google
Barry Schwartz: 10:54:31 am
That is all : Q&A Time... Figuring out where to go next.

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