Google May Add Voice Search Filters To Search Console Analytics

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Google Voice Search Analytics

With Google Home, Google Assistant and more people using voice search on Google, webmasters want to know what voice search queries Google is using to show their site, potentially as a featured snippet or more. The question is coming up more and more these days where webmasters want to know, is my site coming up for Google voice searches and if so, for what queries.

Truth is, Google said they were working on this last year but it sounds like they haven't made much progress yet.

Gary Illyes responded on Twitter to a question about this saying "we're looking into it." He added that "in theory they're already reported just not highlighted," meaning, the Search Analytics report has the data but there is no way to filter by just voice queries like you can for image searches or other filters in Search Analytics.

Since we can't get this data in Google Analytics, it would be nice if Google gave it to webmasters in Search Console. The percentage of searches happening over voice search is growing. The last metric we saw was that 20% of mobile searches are voice enabled and if mobile searches are higher than desktop, that can be a big number of many web sites.

Would be nice if Google added under Search Analytics, the "search appearance" filter a voice results option, I even hacked it together for them:

Google Search Analytics Voice Results

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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