Google Looking To Bring Voice Search & AMP Reporting To Search Console

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In a Google hangout from Friday on Google+, Google's John Mueller said Google is looking for ways to break down both voice search and AMP traffic in the Google Search Analytics report. He said this at two different points in the video, the voice search one at the 23:13 mark and the AMP reporting at the 26:22 mark into the video.

(Q) Does Google plan to include Voice Search Search console reports in the future?

(A) I don't know what the exact plans are there but we have discussed something like that. To kind of make it easier to pull out what people have used to search on voice and what people are using my typing. Similar how we have desktop and mobile setup separately. I think some of that might be trickier because in practice voice queries are more long form, they're more like sentences and real questions. And sometimes those exact queries don't get used that often so we might be filtering them out in search console. But it's definitely something we've talked about, we've looked into different other types of queries or search results as well to see if there is something that we could be doing their differently. If you have any explicit examples of specifically how you think this type of feature or any other feature in such console could make it easier to to really make high-quality websites, to really get some value out of search console in in a way that makes sense for you to improve your service for users then we'd really love to see those and examples.

Here is the video embed:

(Q) Will we see AMP reporting breakdown in search analytics soon?

(A) I don't know maybe it depends on your definition of soon. But we are looking into two ways that we can include more information on things like is something shown as an AMP page or not in search analytics. Because at the moment that's kind of tricky where we fold things together with the canonical URL and you kind of see the secondary effect of analytics being tracked for those AMP pages. But we'd like to make a little bit more direct that you can actually see how many of my pages were shown as I am in the search results.

Here is the video embed:

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