It Seems That I Cause Unnecessary Stress For Googlers

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For the past 13+ years I have been causing unnecessary stress for Googlers who work in the search department. I mean, think about it, I hang on every word, tweet, forum post, public message or statement given by these Googlers. I then take what they say, interpret it, and sometimes it goes back to Google PR and causes issues.

I try to be accurate in my interpretations and I would NEVER say something that I think is misrepresenting what Google is saying but I am sure there are occasions I do. Since I've been doing this so long, often I joke that I can answer with the Google response better than most new Googlers can.

In any event, sometimes I get it wrong or I get it too right that it causes issues.

Gary Illyes posted a tweet this morning on Twitter basically, in a joking manner, saying how much I stress out his job. He said "if I'll ever quit this job, you'll be the reason." here is the tweet:

If you want the context, it is in response to Dan Petrovic tweeting that I took the bounce rate signal quote out of context and Gary then responds to Dan saying "story of my life..." So of course, I reply, asking if I took it out of context, does that then mean Google does use bounce rate as a ranking signal? That got me the response you see above.

Anyway, I hear that this causes stress but my brain works on looking at what people say and sometimes reading too much into it. That is how I have been running this site for over 13 years and hopefully that is how I will run it for the next 13 years.

But for some reason, I think Gary doesn't mind it this much. And the truth is, I do have the same overall goals as these Googlers. Try to steer webmasters in the right direction when it comes to search.

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