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Matt Cutts Goes Oy VeySometimes you read these threads in the Google help forums and just want to give up and here is one case. A Google News Help thread has a publisher at that is complaining they received an email from Google News about being removed as a publisher.

The person said they received an email from Google about being "removed from Google News." Then goes on to explain that they do not "copy" content from other sources.

As the thread goes on, he admits that they do copy content from Reuters but only on Saturday and Sunday simply because he cannot afford the weekend staff. So he copies content then. His rational is that he used to copy content, now only does it on the weekends and he is trying to make a living and it is unfair if Google removes him.

When other publishers said that copying content is against Google's policies and guidelines, he went back and wrote:

All you guys are jealous only. I am having a small site and want to make some money.

And you all are simply against boxing dispatch. Maybe you have reported my site.

Then another publisher noticed the site is still indexed, at least for now. So he replied:

Thanks to Google News team. My website is still in Google News. I am not copying news these days so our site should stay in Google for longer time.

This is a lesson for everyone who is jealous of my site. My site is still in Google AmirK.

That is just funny.

He is posting under the Google+ name Mustafa Kamaal but his picture is of a hot girl on his Google+ profile and the name Mustafa Kamaal is a male name. The posts on his Google+ profile contain spammy links and even pictures of seductive women.

Nothing spammy about the site or this person.

It just amazes me to watch people defend stuff like this.

Forum discussion at Google News Help.

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