Google Maps Directions Leads To $100 Traffic Ticket

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Google Maps LogoImagine you just get out of the airport, you have your trusty Google Maps directions with you, either printed out or via your Android phone and you leave the airport trusting Google is taking you a trusted way.

Then all of a sudden a cop pulls you over and hands you a fine for $100 for taking a road reserved for special types of drivers?

That is exactly what happened to one driver who complained about it in a Google Maps Help forum thread.

The problem directions was documented by one user as you can see below.

Google Maps Illegal Routes

He explains:

For the example above, the destination is OUTSIDE the Dulles airport; the origination point is just east of the start of the Dulles Access Rd. It is illegal for drivers to go on the "inner" (non-toll) lanes of the Dulles Access Rd if they do not have official business at an airport destination (as passenger, picking up an arrival, work at the airport, etc). You can't drive on the Dulles Access Rd. to skip the tolls on the "outer" toll lanes of route 267if you don't have a "need" to be at the airport....Google makes a bad routing decision in the link above at the very first intersection. Since my destination is outside the airport property, I would not be allowed to skip the toll by driving on the inner lanes of the Dulles Access Rd....I must drive on the outer toll lanes of Rt 267....Google chooses the (illegal for my destination) inner non-toll lanes.

So, should Google pay the fine? :)

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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