Wired On Keyword Or Data Voids In Google Search, The Evil Unicorn

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Google Evil Unicorn

A Wired story named The Complexity of Simply Searching For Medical Advice came out yesterday and is getting a lot of attention - in short it talks about how Google deals with returning quality information in search, when the information available on the web is limited for the query.

For most of you SEOs, these "keyword voids" or "data voids" as the article puts it is opportunity to rank your content. But for Google, Google wants quality content that helps the searcher. If there is a void of information around that keyword phrase, how does Google address it.

Google historically called these "evil unicorns" as Matt Cutts, formerly of Google, said on Twitter, "when I was at Google I called this the "evil unicorn problem" (because there's not much content for evil unicorns, but you can still search for that), but "keyword voids" is much more evocative."

Danny Sullivan, whose roll it is to defend Google, went ahead and posted about the story on Twitter. In fact, none of this is new, but it is fun to read through:

I bet Matt Cutts is thinking, thank goodness I no longer have to deal with these stories. :)

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