Google John Mueller Hints At New Mass Link Penalty? #ingress

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Google Penalty CardsYesterday, Google's John Mueller posted something very abstract on Google+ saying, "Alright, who's playing with links again?" He later on said he should have added the hashtag #ingress.

At first, I am thinking this is 100% a way of John Mueller hinting that Google is about to release another paid link penalty, nailing another popular link network or blog network. But the #ingress thing confused me.

Here is the post on Google+ just in case it gets modified:

John Mueller Google Playing With Links

He then added, "(I should probably add #ingress :-))"

I don't get it. Ingress is a game, a game Google made, to get people to walk around outside and try to capture "mind units" (MUs) via such control fields. It is a geeky thing.

But I don't get how #ingress and links work together. Maybe I am looking too much into it. Maybe there is a new link network named ingress? Maybe there is a way to inject links as you walk outside and capture these territories? :) Or maybe there are public profiles of ingress users where you can drop dofollow links?

I know there is the concept of creating links in Ingress but just weird how he put that out there and then added #ingress later. I must be too much into SEO penalties.

Maybe I am just looking into this all too much?

Forum discussion at Google+.

Update: This is purely about Ingress, John Mueller told me:

I was hoping my #ingress hashtag would be clear enough :-). This is really just about links in Ingress, nothing that would be reflected in search (other than that other people were writing about them as well -- eg, ).

When it comes to Ingress, it's always one of two "link networks", the Resistance or the Enlightened. I might argue that Enlightened is best, but I'm sure half of the other players would feel otherwise.

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