Google Glass Developers Hanging Up The Glass

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A Hacker News thread sums up what many Google Glass developers are feeling... What do they do with their Google Glass now. Now that no one wants to buy one. Now that no one wants to hire them to do Glassware or software for Google Glass. What do they do with the investment they put into buying Glass for $1,500+ and then learning how to develop for it?

The developer wrote:

I was an early Glass Explorer, but haven't worn it in months. I'm no longer interested in developing for the platform. Any recommendations for what I should do? What's the best way for me to generate revenue from it?

I am in the same boat. I have it as a head shot on my corporate page:

Barry Schwartz Google Glass

Now, Glass sits in a bag on my desk of tech boxes:

Tech Boxes

We've built several Google Glass Apps, some of which got a lot of buzz. We've even been contracted a few times to do Google Glass app development but not in a while. So we made back our investment on Glass but now, it has dried up.

So what to do with it now? Sell it on eBay? I won't be doing that. I guess I can keep it next to my Apple Newton as part of our tech museum here?

Forum discussion at Hacker News.

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