Nettie Stevens Google Doodle: The XY Sex Chromosomes

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Nettie Stevens Google Doodle: The XY Sex Chromosomes

Today on Google's home page is what looks like a scientist looking through a microscope at XY chromosomes. It is Nettie Stevens 155th birthday, she discovered the sex chromosomes, XY.

She was born on July 7, 1861 in Vermont and passed at the age of 50 from cancer on May 4, 1912.

She was one of the early American geneticist and made major strides in that field.

Google wrote:

This simple question drove the work of Nettie Stevens. Building on research by Edmund Beecher Wilson and Thomas Hunt Morgan at Bryn Mawr, Stevens discovered the connection between chromosomes and physicality. Her breakthrough evolved into the XY sex-determination system, now taught in classrooms around the world.

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