Google Analytics Missing Traffic Bug For Some Webmasters?


Google Analytics

Late last week, I saw some webmasters begin to complain about missing traffic data in Google Analytics. There is a more comprehensive thread in the Google AdWords Help forums and on Twitter.

In short, people are saying that for some Google Analytics views, it appears half their traffic seems to be missing.

Nick posted this explanation in the forums:

We are missing about half of our GA data from yesterday. We're using Segment to send data to GA and Mixpanel. Mixpanel has all the data, but GA only has about half of it (pageviews, users, etc). Someone on our team looked at GA last night and everything looked fine, but we looked again today and all the data seems to be missing. Can someone help me with this? This is very odd.

Here is a chart from someone else showing the traffic difference:

Ga Bug

On Twitter, some folks are saying it is impacting not just segments but also traffic might show an decrease but the percent of new sessions goes up, which is unusual. Here is a screen shot of that data:

click for full size

Are you having issues with Google Analytics this past week?

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help and Twitter.

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