Google AdWords Upgraded URLs Deadline On July 1st

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google adwords urlsGoogle reminded us that the new upgraded URLs will be happening on July 1st.

Meaning, if you are still managing the old destination URLs with your AdWords ads, you no longer will be able to after July 1st.

Google said:

  • Destination URLs can no longer be edited or created. Any new URLs will need to be created using the new Upgraded URL fields.
  • Destination URLs will be automatically moved to the new final URL field for any ad groups in your account that do not contain cross-domain redirect URLs.2 In your AdWords account, you will receive an alert informing you of any remaining ad groups that were not upgraded.
  • Any ads with destination URLs that have not been updated to Upgraded URLs will stop serving in a few months. We’ll let you know 30 days before your ads stop serving by email and with an alert in your account.

Here are some FAQs from Google:

See answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the upgrade below.

Q: Do I need to upgrade if I don’t use URL tracking, or if I only use auto-tagging?

A: No, you can wait for the auto-upgrade starting on July 1st. Our system will automatically move your destination URLs into the new final URL fields, and your reporting columns will update to reflect these changes. During the auto-upgrade, your ad performance statistics will not be reset, and your ads will not be required to go through policy review.
Q: Which URL types will not automatically be upgraded and eventually stop serving?
A: URLs that fall under this category include those that contain the following: cross-domain redirects, the “{copy}” ValueTrack parameter, tracking parameters using “{}” that are not an AdWords ValueTrack parameter, or a domain different from the one used in your ad’s display URL. Please manually upgrade these URLs prior to July 1st. 
Q: How do I upgrade my cross-domain URLs?
A: Use the basic or advanced method with help from our upgrade guide for these URLs, making sure to upgrade both your paused and active URLs. Please work with your third party tool provider if you need help.
Q: Will my ad stats be reset during the upgrade?
A: To preserve your ad stats, use the automated or basic upgrade methods, or wait for our system to auto-upgrade your URLs. Your performance statistics will be retained and your ads will not need to go through policy review.
If you don’t mind re-setting your ads stats and taking full advantage of the benefits of Upgraded URLs, then use the advanced upgrade method. This lets you use the new tracking templates and the ValueTrack parameters. Any changes made after this upgrade will not reset your ad stats.
As a reminder, you can still access all historical performance statistics for your removed ads through your AdWords reports.
Q: I use dynamic tracking in my URLs, what do I need to do?
A: You will need to manually upgrade your URLs using the basic upgrade method before July 1st. Learn more.

For additional details, please see the FAQ on our upgrade guide.

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