SES Live: Killer Facebook Targeting Tactics

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Below is live coverage of the Killer Facebook Targeting Tactics panel from the SES San Francisco 2011 conference. This coverage is provided by Ben Pfeiffer at RankSmart.

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Ben Pfeiffer: 8:25:37 am
Killer Facebook Targeting Tactics
What can you do with a social network that has over 700 million members? Find out as these accomplished Facebook marketing experts share their "killer tactics" for harnessing the real marketing and ecommerce potential of advanced Facebook Advertising, Fan Pages and Groups. Find out what some of the most successful Facebook marketing campaigns have in common and what tools can help make your social networking efforts pay off with killer results.

Paul Madden, Owner, Automica Limited
Matt Lawson, Vice President of Marketing, Marin Software
Rob Leathern, CEO,
Marty Weintraub, President, aimClear
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:26:18 am
If you want to follow any of the speakers in this session, find them on Twitter at: @aimclear, @marinsoftware, @robleathern
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:31:51 am
The session is starting.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:32:32 am
Matt Lawson from Marin Software. He congrats everyone for making it to day 2. He will talk about some best practices for FB.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:33:22 am
He is going to present some compare and contrast between Facebook and Google. Facebook last year surpassed Google in traffic last year.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:33:30 am
Facebook has different metrics.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:34:00 am
The key to understand is you will have more impressions in Facebook. Don't get dismayed by the numbers.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:34:10 am
The cost is lower on Facebook.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:34:33 am
On average there is a lower CPC in Facebook. The conversion rates are also going to be different.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:35:08 am
When you think about paid search and facebook, the best way to measure the success is not the ROI but the influence it has on your downstream conversions.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:35:50 am
He presents a study, it showed that people who engaged with a social media campaign, they were 50% more likely to click on paid search ads from that same company.x
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:36:07 am
Facebook is often times an early funnel activity. Good place to start.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:36:20 am
Some best practices getting started with Facebook.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:37:03 am
1. Always start with friends. Start by targeting with connections of your own brand. The reasons is that people already have affiliation with your brand.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:37:37 am
The success here is to get an endorsement from your friends "Like" your brand.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:37:50 am
2. Expand to Fans of Related Brands
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:38:18 am
He gives an example of Victoria Secret facebook campaign. They have 12 million fans.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:38:51 am
For VS, they started to look at friends of brands that are similar to VS, such as Ann Taylor.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:39:04 am
3. Use stemming to Find Interests.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:39:45 am
4. Micro-segment Your Audience
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:40:27 am
If you break that down by age, gender, education.. it helps you to more targeted.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:40:42 am
5. Test Images before Copy
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:41:48 am
Some best practices is you want to draw attention to ads with contrasting colors. Link images to audience to increase relevance. Faces of people do well. For example: law enforcement degree with pictures of a cop.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:42:11 am
He says one way to test is to your pictures of kittens or puppies to compare with images you want to use.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:42:51 am
6. Keep Ads Fresh. People quickly become use to seeing your ad.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:43:21 am
The tactic is to rotate your ads. Rotate ads every 2-3 days or as impressions drop.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:43:51 am
Some of their advertisers monitor when impressions drop. When that happens they rotate the ads.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:44:29 am
By rotating you can increase your impressions, increase click through rates, and it lowers the cost per like.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:45:14 am
7. Maintain the Facebook Experience
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:46:29 am
Put a like button on your page, sharing options, keep the facebook experience on your landing page. You will decrease the bounce rate, etc..
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:47:17 am
Up next is Marty Weintaub from AimClear
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:47:38 am
He says this is the official release of his new book Killer Facebook Ads
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:48:08 am
He says he loves traveling around the world and talking about contextual ads.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:48:50 am
He puts up an example of an SES ad.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:49:04 am
He used to target us users. It was 3900 users.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:49:43 am
He talks that in Facebook the hashtags is not about trending topics but its about rolling in all other topics.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:50:20 am
When you think about facebook targeting. You can think of it about going to Facebook to see where they are in the real world. It's much more effective to go to the real world to find Facebook.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:50:55 am
Go to the Boy Scouts, magazines, papers. Look for where people cluster. Facebook is just a mere sampling of what goes on around the world.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:51:33 am
In real life groups, for people that go to AA. You can sell them Dating sites, food.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:52:12 am
Real like users. What do you customers read? Sports lovers read sports illustrated. Entreprenuers read INC. Upper Crust Travelers read Conde Nast.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:52:40 am
People who like travel books, sell them cruises, etc..
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:52:59 am
Search is your friend. The best utility for facebook demographics is Google.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:53:48 am
If you want to sell cosmetics. You search for cosmetics, you find Sephora. You can target those people who like that company.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:54:00 am
You can a lot deeper than that, by targeting with inference.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:54:44 am
Persona modeling.. What kind of personal traits, what professional characteristics. LinkedIn is pioneering persona modeling and this is moving into Facebook.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:55:00 am
So how far are you willing to go?
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:55:28 am
Climb inside User psyche. Body building supplements to 17 year old guys.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:55:53 am
In your heart, are you really wanting to target a 64 year old lady to get her to donate to a local hospital.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:56:41 am
Get inside your customers head. Are you good enough marketer to sell people who have a Porsche a rolex watch?
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:57:15 am
Conflict and violence is another way to sell products. Its unfortunate, but it works.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:57:39 am
Underage drinkers, there are tons of them. Sell them church, etc...
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:58:16 am
Occupation targeting is huge! There are tons of B2B B2C products that are consumed.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:58:48 am
For example real estate agents, catch them on their off time when they go home. Sell them snow plows, etc...
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:59:13 am
Facebook has been telling us Job titles plays a part in the targeting algorithm.
Ben Pfeiffer: 8:59:55 am
Great about of depth targeting job descriptions. Just type in a few words and see what facebook suggests to you.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:00:23 am
So market budget things to people who have budget jobs.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:00:34 am
Or heavy metal concerts to auto mechanics.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:00:44 am
Smart phones to inside sales reps.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:01:03 am
Ski coaches... gloves, lip balm, fashion parkas.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:01:20 am
Free internet listings to personal trainers.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:02:16 am
If you want to target dentists, look at the people who show up to dentist association events (those people that like those groups).
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:02:35 am
Inside jokes are great too. For example, librarians.. Don't you hate it when the book falls off the shelf.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:03:24 am
Rob Leathern from is up next.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:05:15 am
He owns a company that helps find audience segments for agencies, etc..
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:06:02 am
The big picture of the facebook targeting is that is skews to people who are in college or just out of college.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:06:39 am
Some interesting insights. Younger people share and like things more than older people. A 14 year old is twice as likely to share something than a 45 year old.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:07:12 am
Women are more addressable than men. 19% more likely to share interests. 13% are more likely to be married. 6% more liked to be engaged.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:07:34 am
He says that people who share a lot, that over time this is a consistent behavior.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:08:47 am
The other big things to keep in mind is that when you target Likes, you will overwhelming get a larger group of younger people.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:09:02 am
30 and under is this group.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:09:24 am
Another thing you sell with Likes and interest targeting is you see a lot of overlap.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:09:51 am
Younger people are much easier to address with keywords than older people.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:10:28 am
Few keywords have very large audiences, and many keywords have small audiences.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:11:43 am
One of the thing you can do with geotargeting is using Zip Code targeting, but it can have its issues.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:12:27 am
If you compare the actual population in a zip code, to the number of list that zip code as their location. It's a big difference. It is not accurate, up to 50% off.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:13:27 am
He says that the zip code targeting is going to get better, but its still in the early stages.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:14:27 am
He talks next about moving your adwords kewyord list to Facebook. You can use tokenization or stemming to faciliate facebook keyword discovery.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:16:00 am
He gives some examples of using broad targeting vs. search keyword driven precise targeting. The difference is dramatic. You get better results when you target more precise interests.
Ben Pfeiffer: 9:24:40 am
The session is over and nows enters into Q&A

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