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Live Blogging Coverage SMXBelow is live coverage of the Duplication, Aggregation, Syndication, Affiliates, Scraping, and Information Architecture panel from the SMX East 2011 conference.

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Barry Schwartz: 9:37:20 am
We start in about 10 minutes...
Barry Schwartz: 9:37:42 am
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Barry Schwartz: 9:38:06 am
Vanessa Fox is modding and speaking on this panel. Should be fun, she has a passion for URLs that make sense. :)
Barry Schwartz: 9:45:27 am
Here we go...
Barry Schwartz: 9:47:23 am
Just talking about what is coming up after this session...
Barry Schwartz: 9:49:49 am
Brian Cosgrove, VP Analytics & Engineering, TPG is first up
Barry Schwartz: 9:49:59 am
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Barry Schwartz: 9:50:44 am
Thin content, low quality and pagerank dilution are a pretty big problem on the web today.
Barry Schwartz: 9:50:58 am
The reason this is an issue, is not technical, but a process issue.
Barry Schwartz: 9:51:08 am
Here are the issues:
Barry Schwartz: 9:51:40 am
Feeds from suppliers, such as products, real estate listing, travel listing, deals ... any data you get in feeds from your suppliers or manufacturers.
Barry Schwartz: 9:52:09 am
Too many categories, such as mens hates, brown hates, mens brown hats, cowboy hates, men brown cowboy hats, and so on... This is all an issue
Barry Schwartz: 9:52:43 am
Items are too similar: nearly identical items are better arranged as options on one page...
Barry Schwartz: 9:53:23 am
All of these three things leads to mindless content across the web...
Barry Schwartz: 9:53:54 am
Writing unique content is the cost of entry to SEO, he said.
Barry Schwartz: 9:54:09 am
Yes, it is hard. But focus on the category pages where those feeds go into first.
Barry Schwartz: 9:54:16 am
Toolset for Success:
Barry Schwartz: 9:55:24 am
SEO Strategy: take a holistic view of the landscape. do competitive analysis, spend a lot of time on forecasting, track these, paid and social stuff, all of it.
Barry Schwartz: 9:55:53 am
Embrase Keyword Mapping: (1) URLs to keywords and (2) Keywords to URLs -- two different maps
Barry Schwartz: 9:57:16 am
Then you need to do the content strategy: define the content needed to the business, should you have a blog, categories of content, quantify the content, quantity of content, the various teams involved, timelines and goals.
Barry Schwartz: 9:58:25 am
Then you need a Work Flow, define your workflow... SEO research > Deliver creative brief > Research and write article > Reviews (seo, legal editorial), > Publish
Barry Schwartz: 10:01:38 am
Then make a style guide: the brand and site values, define web site voice, list out quality guidelines, legal stuff, general seo considerations and amend it over and over again.. it is a living document.
Barry Schwartz: 10:02:03 am
Finally, have a content calendar: Make sure you have a queue, it is done at right pace and so on.
Barry Schwartz: 10:03:26 am
He shows off Newegg and Xocide and how they really make their content different from basic merchant feeds.
Barry Schwartz: 10:04:04 am
Change up the product descriptions, that is key...
Barry Schwartz: 10:04:24 am
He also shows Woot and they rock at their descriptions.
Barry Schwartz: 10:06:06 am
Brian is now done... Now I think we get a bit more technical... So hang on...
Barry Schwartz: 10:06:23 am
Next up Matt Heist, CEO, High Gear Media
Barry Schwartz: 10:06:31 am
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Barry Schwartz: 10:07:36 am
He will talk about his personal experience about URLs and such
Barry Schwartz: 10:08:44 am
They are a publisher... various sites like Car Connection, Motor Authority, All Car Tech... etc
Barry Schwartz: 10:09:06 am
There issue was they put their unique content on too many different sites
Barry Schwartz: 10:09:22 am
They produce 1,2000 pieces of premium content a month...
Barry Schwartz: 10:09:32 am
They have 7 sites, 4 are core and 3 are blogs.
Barry Schwartz: 10:09:59 am
Original content is not a one size fits all.
Barry Schwartz: 10:10:59 am
Biggest site they have is The Car Connection, they also have their segment sites Family Car Guide, Green Car Reports, Motor Authority...
Barry Schwartz: 10:11:40 am
The founding concept was to lunch as many sites as possible, hundreds...
Barry Schwartz: 10:12:22 am
The company launched 100s of sites, they had the same content on different sites but focused on different cars.
Barry Schwartz: 10:12:41 am
They always did have original content...
Barry Schwartz: 10:12:54 am
They spend a ton on content
Barry Schwartz: 10:13:10 am
The biggest issue was that they didn't manage the distribution of content properly
Barry Schwartz: 10:13:24 am
They had a 107 sites in February 2011
Barry Schwartz: 10:13:33 am
They were competing against themselves
Barry Schwartz: 10:13:55 am
In hindsight, it was not great, but they did get great writers and it worked back then
Barry Schwartz: 10:14:19 am
Some of the sites started to stand out
Barry Schwartz: 10:14:42 am
But the bad was they had too many sites, it was not different, wasn't a great idea now.
Barry Schwartz: 10:15:10 am
The biggest issue, they were building a lot of great content but putting it on multiple sites.
Barry Schwartz: 10:15:25 am
The ugly thing was it was hit by Panda.
bryant: 10:15:48 am
barry thanks for live blogging for us stuck at home
Barry Schwartz: 10:16:02 am
Project Focus:
Barry Schwartz: 10:16:29 am
They eliminated a lot of sites, 301 redirected non core sites down to 7 sites (4 core sites)
Barry Schwartz: 10:16:49 am
They canonicalized HGM prduced duplicate content
Barry Schwartz: 10:17:05 am
Aggregated content with strong user engagement was kept but noindexed
Barry Schwartz: 10:18:33 am
From now on, the original content, each site had unique writers and focuses. So their strategy changed.
Barry Schwartz: 10:19:11 am
This was a big decision... They killed 100s of sites and it was scary. And quality content is costly. It is a tough investment.
Barry Schwartz: 10:19:34 am
There is no half way... You do this or you don't...
Barry Schwartz: 10:20:13 am
They did a redesign... and changed the core themes for the four sites...
Barry Schwartz: 10:20:38 am
Each has a big review component and a big reviews component
Barry Schwartz: 10:21:06 am
He shows before and after screen shots...
Barry Schwartz: 10:22:41 am
Barry Schwartz: 10:23:15 am
This has been working, the search traffic trends are now going up, it is positive
Barry Schwartz: 10:26:25 am
That is all for him...
Barry Schwartz: 10:29:08 am
Vanessa Fox is summarizing a lot of this... She isn't sure if it is Panda specific but more about it coming together...
Barry Schwartz: 10:30:03 am
There is a task force in the US government to clean up their 24,000 web sites and Vanessa is working with them to clean them up.
Barry Schwartz: 10:31:23 am
She shows one of the department of education sites, the student aid web site...
Barry Schwartz: 10:32:03 am
There are 14 different government web sites on student financial aid.... because each time a policy comes out, they make a new web site.
Barry Schwartz: 10:32:16 am
She shows off some of them...
Barry Schwartz: 10:32:50 am
She Google's "what is a pell grant"
Barry Schwartz: 10:33:02 am
And gets some pretty bad results...
Barry Schwartz: 10:33:16 am
This isn't just a google problem, it is a user confusion problem.
Barry Schwartz: 10:33:40 am
Solution: Don't think about you and what you want to tell the audience, think about what your audience needs to know.
Barry Schwartz: 10:34:18 am
Come up with an info architecture that works.
Barry Schwartz: 10:34:50 am
One each way to see issues is to do a site command on google with a keyword phrase, so for example counting calories
Barry Schwartz: 10:35:19 am
60,000 results for counting calories on just!?
Barry Schwartz: 10:35:42 am
So what do you do? Use the persona methodology to help consolidate
Barry Schwartz: 10:36:06 am
Then do page mapping to help consolidate
Barry Schwartz: 10:36:43 am
You can group many of the pages together. Cluster those pages together and see what groups, maybe you can break down 60,000 into 100 or 20 pages?
Barry Schwartz: 10:37:09 am
Then when you have the 20 pages, build out the structure to lead people to the right area.
Barry Schwartz: 10:37:26 am
She applied this method to the Department of Education
Barry Schwartz: 10:38:41 am
Side note: If you are reading live, which session would you prefer I cover at 1:30pm? Up Close With Google+ and Google +1 OR, Rel=Author & Meta Tagging For 2012
Barry Schwartz: 10:39:29 am
Q&A time, this wasn't a really technical discussion, but it might come up in the QA
Samuli: 10:44:31 am
I suggest you to cover this: ", Rel=Author & Meta Tagging For 2012"
Barry Schwartz: 10:45:08 am
Q&A, is going well but not much technical stuff.
Barry Schwartz: 10:45:23 am
Having syndicated site at levels of 30% or more can hurt the whole site.
Barry Schwartz: 10:46:09 am
I am going to cute out now. Next session is at 1:30pm EDT.
Just another SEO: 11:07:18 am, Rel=Author & Meta Tagging For 2012 for me too please

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