Why SEOs Got Into SEO? Poll Results

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why-seo-poll.pngA couple weeks ago, I asked why did you get into SEO and since I am posting poll results this week, I figured I'd share the results the day I am offline. Now, we had over 400 responses, exactly 444 responses at the time I am posting this, so it is a nice number.

Here is the break down:

  • 20% said Love The Dynamic Nature of the Industry
  • 18% said Wanted My Site Higher in Search Engines
  • 13% said For The Money
  • 12% said they Migrated From the Web Design Field
  • 11% said they Love The Competition
  • 10% said an Other answer.. which I will share below
  • 9% said they had a Client Wanted Their Site Higher in Search Engines
  • 8% said they Love The Community

Here is another view of the results:


Here are some of the "other answers":

Other Text
Just happened
Alternative to PPC
Needed more challenge
by accident, love it now
was toled by my boss to learn it- and fell in love
Love being @ the intersection of marketing, language, IA, UX, social media, etc.
lifelong learner - and SEO is going to satisfy that for the rest of my life!
i like to conquer things...and it was something that i wanted to tackle.
unique mix, marketing and analytics
Internet Marketing
I was a copywriter
To help my customers earn more from their sites
Pure Web Dev is boring
Stumbled into it
Got offered a job from a friend and fell into it.
Was a librarian and am interested in good old fashioned 'information retrie
Migrated from Marketing field.
It's a must for small biz owner
Job opportunity
Because the work results can be measured
Migrated from Sales
Because I did not know any better
Migrated from the web DEVELOPMENT field
It was an accident.
It feeds into most other facets of online marketing
Accidentally fell into it
Because I'm a huge geek and enjoy the evolution of technology in search.
I didnt chose the game, the game chose me
tired of seeing my copywriting clients getting screwed.
just fell into it
Used to be a translator, wanted to try something new!
get out of customer service
None of your business
offered a job in it
was bored
First job I got offered when I moved, now love it!
Company I joined needed a SEO so I learnt how :)
Worked as a developer and got offered the opportunity of a move - now love it!
Natural final step in web development
help small businesses / sites reach a larger audience
Migrated from Web editor (content field)
Had no other choice
The Non-Profit I worked for needed a cheap way to market online - hooked forever
The chicks, man, the chicks

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