Webmasters Still Judge Sites Based On Google PageRank

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A WebmasterWorld thread has a rant from a webmaster and site owner who goes off on people who judge his site based on it's Google PageRank value, yes the toolbar PageRank. He said he is sick and tired of people judging how authoritative and creditable his site is based on how many green bars are lighting up in Google Toolbar.

This user said:

I'm about ready to blow a gasket.

I have an authority site (or close to it) that receives over 50,000 different search engine strings per month resulting in 100's of thousands of searches.

If I was a webmaster, I would love to have a link off my site.

With that being said, things are "out of season" so to speak so I'm out looking to do link trades with similar themed sites and I'm CONSTANTLY running into webmasters who are hung up on freaking pr.

If you saw the number of emails I received from people wanting to buy ad space on this site. I would have to say 50% of them or more use Google PageRank as an ad metric when quantifying how much they should pay for an ad on this site. I find it incredibly ridiculous and often don't reply to such emails. But yes, I am a bit tired hearing toolbar PageRank used as value in determining a site's authority.

Link building moderator, Martinibuster said:

Don't sweat it. People who are hung up on PR usually are the ones who know enough SEO to hurt themselves and others. Check their backlinks and I am confident many of them are going to have crap, including nofollowed blog comments. You're better off without them and should be happy they are self-selecting themselves out of your backlinks.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

This was written on March 29th and schedule to go live March 30th.

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