Yahoo Search Advertisers Rejoice Over New Network Distribution Feature


Ever since Yahoo launched their new search marketing platform in 2006, advertisers wanted more control of where their ads were showing.

Yesterday, Yahoo launched a feature named Network Distribution that gives advertisers that control. I wrote up a detailed analysis of the new feature about a week ago at Search Engine Land. Here is a copy of that:

The network distribution settings can be found in a couple places, such as under campaign settings. When you go to those settings, you will see the “Network Distribution” settings above the targeting settings. When you click on that it breaks out the options by content and search networks, in addition to breaking it out by the entire network versus Yahoo Search or Yahoo Partners only. It will also show you the past 30 days of campaign activity based on those sections, to see how many clicks, impressions and costs were associated to those areas. From that screen you can adjust your bid, plus or minus, a specific percentage for each area.

Here is a video from the YSM Blog explaining it a bit more visually:

Threads at DigitalPoint Forums & WebmasterWorld seem to be very happy with this addition. One person said:

This really makes my day.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums & WebmasterWorld.

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