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Below is live coverage of the Analytics For Social Media from the SMX East 2009 conference.

This coverage is provided by Keri Morgret of Strike Models.

We are using a live blogging tool to provide the real time coverage, please excuse any typos. You can also interact with us and while we are live blogging, so feel free to ask us questions as we blog. We will publish the archive below after the session is completed.

Analytics For Social Media(10/07/2009) 
2:02 Keri Morgret:  

Analytics For Social Media – Trying to understand how your social media campaign is going? Standard web analytics tools might not be enough. This session looks at some specialized tools to consider.

Moderator: Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land


Chris Bennett, Co-Founder, BLVD Status
David Berkowitz, Director of Emerging Media & Client Strategy, 360i
Agustin Vazquez, Analytics specialist, NVI
2:03 Keri Morgret:  We're waiting for the session to start.
2:06 Keri Morgret:  Correction: Chris Sherman is the moderator.
2:08 Keri Morgret:  Chris Bennett is up first.
2:09 Keri Morgret:  What should you track?
  • Traditional Metrics
  • Micro Conversions (non traditional)
  • Indirect Results (aftermath)
2:11 Keri Morgret:  Traditional Metrics
  • Referring Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Brand Search/Type in traffic
Shows some google analytics screenshots of looking at page views, comparison to average traffic for times previous. Social media traffic is different from your regular traffic (often higher bounce rate, less time on site). Need to look at which pieces are better with the metrics.
2:12 Keri Morgret:  Referring URLS:
  • Quantity
  • Quality
  • New Traffic Sources (can be good to find new sites for getting social links)
2:14 Keri Morgret:  Conversions.

Often conversions are less, but there have been some good successes, and you can get sales, including branding that comes from it.

Identify top referring sources.
2:15 Keri Morgret:  Look for surges in brand queries and direct type-in traffic.
2:17 Keri Morgret:  Micro Conversions

Outgoing LInk Clicks
RSS Subscribers
Twitter Followers
Facebook Fans
Newsletters / Opt In lists

In Google Analytics you can do goals, and do a head match for your outgoing link (like Twitter). You do need some code wrapped around the link. There are also third-party scripts for this.
2:17 Keri Morgret:  BLVD Status (his company) has some tools for this.
2:18 Keri Morgret:  Indirect Results

  • Backlinks
  • Total search traffic
  • Search keywords
  • Conversions that come from search (social media ROI)
2:20 Keri Morgret:  He's showing stats examples from a case study.
2:21 Keri Morgret:  They got keyword rankings because of a social media campaign.
2:22 Keri Morgret:  He'll have a report available soon on this. Interesting dashboard he's showing now.
2:23 Keri Morgret:  David Berkowitz is now up.
2:24 Keri Morgret:  His powerpoint is available at
2:25 Keri Morgret:  Looking at Key Conversation Indicators (KCIs). Can measure several things, like conversaion valume, sentiment, topics of conversation, purchase considerations, brand associations.
2:25 Keri Morgret:  Brand Health Scorecards.
2:27 Keri Morgret:  He shows several scorecards for food, soda.
2:28 Keri Morgret:  Persona Development: Who is the client's customer online?

Younger males are more likely to be more active in the online space and most attractive to target. He shows a graph of the target market for a product.
2:29 Keri Morgret:  Younger social media participants are more likely to create content online.
2:30 Keri Morgret:  He gives a persona example of Newbie Nick, who is highly engaged in social media as an active participant. The data is from Nielsen @ Plan, July 2009.
2:31 Keri Morgret:  What kinds of sites are they going to, viewing, what type of content they are creating.
2:31 Keri Morgret:  Travel influencers are most vocal and can influence broader audiences.
2:32 Keri Morgret:  Where are these conversations occurring? How many people are they reaching?

Twitter represents the largest source of mentions for this particular client. However, social network conversations are underrepresented in this report due to privacy restrictions.
2:32 Keri Morgret:  In order of amount:
Micro-blogs (Twitter)
Social Networks
2:33 Keri Morgret:  Blogs have the majority of reach when posts are weighted by impressions. Do take some of this data with a grain of salt.
2:34 Keri Morgret:  People are sharing and asking advice to make informative purchase decisions about Client.
2:35 Keri Morgret:  Missed some slides here due to technical difficulties.
2:36 Keri Morgret:  He's looking at a case study for car rental. They looked at social mentions about what mattered, like personal service, car selection, getting to the location, etc. They categorized positive/negative/neutral.
2:37 Keri Morgret:  In shopping conversations for Client, many are spreading the word but are not necessarily buying. Graph of purchase funnel analysis for client online conversation.
2:39 Keri Morgret:  Do look at the competitive set. Their client does have the most positive buzz among the competitors examined.
2:40 Keri Morgret:  Now we have Augustin VazquezLevi @oggy

he's going to present a case study
2:41 Keri Morgret:  Case Study:

  • Client description
  • Client's immediate goals
  • Potential danger to brand
  • Short term success
  • Final info
2:41 Keri Morgret:  Client description

Vertical: Major men's magazine website, like a "Cosmo for guys"
Traffic: over 10 million monthly visits
Target is males 18-35 years old

Based on about 140 articles
2:42 Keri Morgret:  Short term success defined:

Revenue from display ads (CPM). Increase page views and visits
Generate.... (missed this)
2:42 Keri Morgret:  Quick and Immediate traffic

Multi-page articles = 3x more average page views per visit

Multi-page articles containing 2, 3, 4, or 11 pages.
2:42 Keri Morgret:  Lot of negative comments when multi-page articles were used, comments from Digg and social media.
2:43 Keri Morgret:  Someone copy/pasted a five page article as a comment. 400 people up-voted this comment and left replies.

Was this detrimental to short-term goals?
2:44 Keri Morgret:  They went and counted the percent of negative comments, and compared to the number of backlinks generated. When they were angry at the brand there were more backlinks.
2:45 Keri Morgret:  Social traffic vs all traffic for one particular article.

All traffic had an average of 37% drop after first few pages, while socially referred traffic had a less severe average dropout ratio of 22%. Quite surprising!
2:46 Keri Morgret:  Long term success threatened?

Recruitment of new readers (repeat visits were still higher than average traffic)

Brand perception and promotion of site: seen as a drop of natural submissions on social platforms and more effort required to push.
2:48 Keri Morgret:  Calming the mob

Finding a reasonable article length without compromising page views. Best ratio seemed to be around 3-4 pages for a top ten article.
2:49 Keri Morgret:  Be creative with your metrics.

"Social Metrics" -- like any other metric it's useless without segmentation.

Some segmenting ideas:

  • Vertical of the article: sports, finance, science, entertainment, etc. Benchmark with each other.
  • If pushed on a particular platform, try segmenting by submitter
  • Effects on different platforms
  • etc
2:54 Keri Morgret:  We're in Q&A and the internet connection is failing, so I'm closing this session. Thanks for watching, everyone!



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