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Below is live coverage of the Web Analytics You Should Know from the SMX East 2009 conference.

This coverage is provided by Justin Davy of

We are using a live blogging tool to provide the real time coverage, please excuse any typos. You can also interact with us and while we are live blogging, so feel free to ask us questions as we blog. We will publish the archive below after the session is completed.

Web Analytics You Should Know(10/05/2009) 
8:58 Justin Davy:  The room is starting to fill up slowly for our first session - Web Analytics You Should Know
9:00 Justin Davy:  


Andrew Beckman, President, Location3 Media
Jill Emerson, Search Marketing Manager, Allegis Group, Inc.
Ben Seslija, Senior Director, Analytics, Clickable Inc.
Navneet Virk, Search Marketing Manager, Roundarch
9:01 Justin Davy:  Analytics have become much more sophisticated over the years and this session will focus on many of those core analytics
9:01 Justin Davy:  First up - Ben!
9:02 Justin Davy:  After the technical issues are worked out :)
9:03 Justin Davy:  And we've got video
9:04 Justin Davy:  Ben's Agenda:
1. Regional Differences: All markets are not created equal
2. Cost Savings: True impact of quality scores
3. Weed out Irrelevant Traffic: Negative keywords
9:06 Justin Davy:  Tracking: Track your funnel
- know converion metrics and friction points
- assign cost to each stage of funnel
Focus: Avoid paralyses by analysis
- establish key metrics that you will observe and daily basis and use for optimization
Automate: Use tools to diagnose opportunities and threats
- use tools to save time developing & managing your search efforts
9:07 Justin Davy:  6 Key Metrics that you must track:

Avg Pos
9:08 Justin Davy:  2nd Level:
Conversion Rates
9:09 Justin Davy:  3rd Level:
Customer Geo (allows flexible message based on location)
Time of Conversion (better converion in the morning, evening etc.) + Demo, LTV, Behavioral, etc...
9:10 Justin Davy:  All markets are different. What works in one market may not work in another.

(Ex Divorce Lawyer in NYC $14.7 CPC. In Denver CPC is $4.3)

Cheaper because of Divorce rates and competition.
9:14 Justin Davy:  Top 5 Tips for Utilizing Market Differences
1. Always Create Geo Modification Campaigns (National/Larger Area)
2. General Search Campaign (Geo-Targetted)
3. Create Local Ads
4. Custom Local City & General Landing Pages
5. 25 Mile Radius (Don't go to precise)
9:14 Justin Davy:  Quality Score is: Ad Rank = Bid x Quality Score
9:15 Justin Davy:  If your quality score is below 4 then you are overpaying for clicks
9:18 Justin Davy:  Top 5 Tips to Improve Quality Scores
1. Split keywords into smaller more targeted Ad Groups
2. Create relevant ad copy for each adgroup
3. Optimize creatives
4. Experiment with matching options
5. Build your seo
- Link building and seo
- Implement keywords
- Essential site pages
- Make sure Google thinks your relevant
9:18 Justin Davy:  Always weed out irrelevant traffic using negative keywords
9:20 Justin Davy:  Constantly work on adding negative keywords to improve your campaigns
9:21 Justin Davy:  How to Find Negative Keywords
1. Use keyword research tools (Google, Wordtracker etc)
2. Search Query Performance Report
3. Your Analytics Tool
4. Competitive Intelligence Tools
9:21 Justin Davy:  Andrew is up now
9:22 Justin Davy:  Andrews Topics:
Site Overlay Reports
IP Filtering
9:23 Justin Davy:  Site overlay report helps you understand user interaction with your site.

Redundant Areas
- Parts of your site just taking up space

Successful Areas
- Moving those areas to more favorable locations
9:25 Justin Davy:  Site Overlay Flaw:

Google Analytics groups all links together even if they are separate links on different pages

Add "&location=x" to the end of each link to work around that
9:26 Justin Davy:  Using the Landing Pages Report
Locate elements that convert baset
Add those elements to your pages that get more traffic
9:27 Justin Davy:  Heat maps not only show the clicks happening on the site, but also the non-clicks. Shows if people are trying to click on areas of the site that aren't clickable (using crazyegg to do this)
9:27 Justin Davy:  Use Google Website Optimizer to test before making any permanent changes
9:28 Justin Davy:  Funnels:
Not just for shopping cart drop off; works for lead gen campaigns as well
Create funnly for each form field
Is there a specific step in funnel hindering conversion
9:29 Justin Davy:  Create "funnel" for each form field :)
9:30 Justin Davy:  On-Click Events
To setup lead form funnels you must create on-click events
Allows you to track external links, PDF's etc
9:32 Justin Davy:  IP Filtering

- Add new filter with "Exclude all traffic from an IP address" setting
- Add your IP address and any others that may end up skewing results (web designers, clients, IT department)
- Eliminate all full stops with a backslash
9:32 Justin Davy:  Few tools:
9:32 Justin Davy:  Jill is up now
9:34 Justin Davy:  2 Case Studies
Leverage referral traffic
Paid vs. Organic Keyword Campaigns
9:35 Justin Davy:  10% of companies conversions were coming from MySpace. Did they want to go into Facebook, Twitter etc. They wanted to build brand awareness and encourage 2 way engagement.
9:36 Justin Davy:  Started with a Facebook Page included:
RSS Feeds to recent job postings
Photos of local events
Links to Videos via YouTube
Daily Status Updates
Links back to client's .com
9:36 Justin Davy:  Results
Referring traffic increased 300+%
800 Fans
20% Conversion Rate
9:37 Justin Davy:  They developed an interactive footer back to the client's .com back to their Facebook, Twitter etc to track referrals
9:37 Justin Davy:  Case Study #2 - Paid and Organic
9:38 Justin Davy:  Client had high visibility on branded keywords organically, so why bid on brand
9:39 Justin Davy:  Ran a baseline with clicks, position and conversions against paid and organic. Then after 30 days they pulled all spend.

Only 16% paid conversions shifted to organic conversions
433 missed lead opportunities - direct tie to ROI
9:40 Justin Davy:  Turn Analytics into Actionable Analysis
Answer the "so what?"
Translate results for management
Clearly identify the next steps
9:41 Justin Davy:  Our last speaker is now up - Mathieu
9:44 Justin Davy:  This might be a bit harder to take notes on but bear with me
9:44 Justin Davy:  User behavior -> Web Analytics -> Design
9:45 Justin Davy:  Participation is the process of assigning value to pages or content that took part in conversion during a visit.
9:45 Justin Davy:  You need to use this for the whole site, not just particular pages.
9:46 Justin Davy:  Page views are a thing of the past. It's now about content participation (video etc)
9:47 Justin Davy:  Use your top pages to identify content that works and then repurpose or create new content that leverages the successful content. Also look at your bad pages to determine what not to do.
9:48 Justin Davy:  Determine your KPI's

- Sales, enrollments
- Referrers, campaigns
- Browser
9:48 Justin Davy:  Focus on what is important to your site/industry
- Conversion, Traffic, Engagement
Focus your limited resources. Divide and Counquer
9:49 Justin Davy:  It's Q&A Time
9:49 Justin Davy:  Quiet group but its still early
9:52 Justin Davy:  Good to look at exact phrases that are converting on the paid side and that will help with your seo link building. Don't just focus on the homepage but deeper pages as well.
9:58 Justin Davy:  A combination of online and offline campaign can be very effective so more and more analytics will be focusing on this including display.
9:59 Justin Davy:  Has this information been helpful? This is my first time using coveritlive so I'd love your feedback.
10:02 [Comment From SEM-Monkey]
Keep it coming, very helpful



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