The Next Wave for Online Video

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Below is live coverage of the The Next Wave for Online Video from the SES San Jose 2009 conference.

This coverage is provided by Barry Schwartz of the Search Engine Roundtable.

We are using a live blogging tool to provide the real time coverage. You can interact with us and while we are live blogging, so feel free to ask us questions as we blog. We will publish the archive below after the session is completed.

The Next Wave for Online Video(08/11/2009) 
11:39 Barry Schwartz:  Starting this sessions shortly
11:42 Barry Schwartz:  Moderator:
Andrew Goodman, SES Advisory Board & Principal, Page Zero Media
Gregory Markel, Founder/President, Infuse Creative, LLC
Erin Bouchier, Business Lead, Google / YouTube Advertising
David Burch, Director of Marketing, TubeMogul
Mark Robertson, Founder, ReelSEO
11:53 Barry Schwartz:  Andrew Goodman introduces the panel and welcomes Gregory Markel, Founder/President, Infuse Creative
11:54 Barry Schwartz:  Video SEO isn't plain video SEO anymore, it is gone social and mobile
11:56 Barry Schwartz:  YouTube has tons of ranking factors:
- Title/ Description
- View counts and frequency
- Ratings
- Shares
- Favs
- Playlists
- Flagging
- Comments
- Age
- Honors
- YouTube Insights & Analytics (speculation)
11:57 Barry Schwartz:  Plus:
- Authority of Channel
- Links
- Embeds
- Video responses
- Subscribers
- Channel Views
- Annotations Usage
- Paid search adwords, promote your video
11:57 Barry Schwartz:  Some or all of these tips are "speculation" and not 100% confirmed by Google, said Gregory.
11:59 Barry Schwartz:  Research your competitors at Youtube. Learn from it, don't copy
11:59 Barry Schwartz:  Put most important keywords at the front
12:00 Barry Schwartz:  See youtube's keyword suggestions by typing in words into YouTube's search box
12:01 Barry Schwartz:  Use the Google Wonder Wheel for keyword research
12:01 Barry Schwartz:  Community, Social and performance factors are important
12:02 Barry Schwartz:  There are Public Insight data for YouTube videos available, if the video creator did not hide this data.
12:03 Barry Schwartz:  He highlights how some videos have tons of views and top ratings -- dont spam it
12:03 Barry Schwartz:  I.e. view bots and rating bots
12:04 Barry Schwartz:  He shows off # of subscribers for channels and honors a video is given
12:06 Barry Schwartz:  
  • Make Great and Unique videos
  • Add Subscribe and Favs and Rate promprts and call to action to your video
  • Post a video response on other popular videos
  • Add comments promoting people to watch your video
  • Use some but not all the same keywords as your competitors in your titles
12:08 Barry Schwartz:  
  • Post new videos on Thursday or Fridays
  • Join YouTube Partner program
  • USe social media and web sites to submit or post your videos and embed them
12:11 Barry Schwartz:  
  • is a great tool for distribution
  • Link your videos together via Annotations
  • Create playlists
  • Monitor Insights and Analytics
  • ISsue press releases to promote them
12:12 Barry Schwartz:  You can use promote your video as an paid way to get your videos more views
12:13 Barry Schwartz:  YouTube allows you to do direct sales
12:14 Barry Schwartz:  Get #1 ranking for your video using your iPhone, it was a 12 second video and uploaded it to, the keyword was here is that video
12:14 Barry Schwartz:  Here is an other example for a video
12:16 Barry Schwartz:  Don't forget to use social media to promote it
12:17 Barry Schwartz:  Erin Bouchier from Google / YouTube Advertising is now up
12:18 Barry Schwartz:  Video consumption is growing tremendously
12:18 Barry Schwartz:  Just as many viewers are under 18 that are over 45
12:19 Barry Schwartz:  She skips over some of the points that Gregeory covered
12:20 Barry Schwartz:  Use YouTube Insight to figure out who your audience is and what they like
12:21 Barry Schwartz:  You can promote your video the same way you would at Google search, like AdWords
12:21 Barry Schwartz:  See
12:22 Barry Schwartz:  Zagg did a good job of using promote videos to gain traction
12:22 Barry Schwartz:  Make a brand channel to have all your related videos in one place
12:23 Barry Schwartz:  You can run TV style ads in the video
12:23 Barry Schwartz:  Such as pre-rolls, post rolls, push ads, etc
12:24 Barry Schwartz:  Mark Robertson, Founder, ReelSEO is next up
12:26 Barry Schwartz:  Everyone talks about YouTube b/c they are huge. They launched a ton of enhancements over the past year
12:26 Barry Schwartz:  Social media and video now work together, such as CNN & Facebook teaming together, Iranian protests, etc
12:27 Barry Schwartz:  Efforts into video discover and retrieval
12:27 Barry Schwartz:  Mobile video is going crazy
12:27 Barry Schwartz:  400% increase wiht iPhone 3GS
12:27 Barry Schwartz:  Firefox 3.5 launches with HTML5
12:28 Barry Schwartz:  SEO:
- Pay attention to HTML 5 and Open Videos, many browsers support it now
- Go to
- Adobe's OSMF (strobe)
- Progress with advanced recognition tools luke speech to text, object recognition and facial recog
12:29 Barry Schwartz:  Online video quality is important
12:30 Barry Schwartz:  How do you get a thumbnail in Google Universal Search?
12:31 Barry Schwartz:  To get the video, you need the video to be hosted directly on your site
12:32 Barry Schwartz:  David Burch from TubeMogul is next up
12:34 Barry Schwartz:  How are videos are discovered?
  • YouTube searches are the main way
  • Then blogs
  • Search engines (not including YouTube)
  • social networks
  • social bookmarking
  • etc
12:35 Barry Schwartz:  How much of a video is watched?
  • 10% watch 5 mins
  • 16% watch 3 min
  • 23% watch 2 min
  • 46% watch 1 mins
  • missed the rest
12:36 Barry Schwartz:  Your video will peak on day four
12:36 Barry Schwartz:  So make sure to have that call to action early
12:37 Barry Schwartz:  YouTube dominates in average views per video
12:38 Barry Schwartz:  YouTube viewership is up 35.5% year over year
12:38 Barry Schwartz:  Hours of video uploaded every minute is up 75% in the past six months
12:38 Barry Schwartz:  It is "becoming more crowded"
12:39 Barry Schwartz:  That is all folks



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