How Do You Optimize for Google AdWords Content Campaigns?

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On Google Groups, AdWordsPro Sarah is giving us tips on how to engage in the Google content network in such a way that you can optimize that contextual traffic. Recently, she shared a tip on how Google suggests you get this done.

The idea is to separate the content and search campaigns. Why is this necessary? When people are searching in a contextual basis versus in a search basis, they have different mindsets. In the former, they're already looking at content; they're not searching for it. Therefore, capturing the person's attention in the content network is more important.

Other benefits of this practice include being able to maintain different budgets, write different ad copy, and more.

In a second Google Groupsposting, Sarah says that you should create tightly knit ad group themes. Google needs to look at all the keywords in an ad group to determine relevancy among text. As Sarah says, "[t]his means that individual keywords do not matter as much as the particular theme (or concept) of the type of websites you want to target."

So what keywords correspond with what themes? You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Forum discussion continues at Google Groups and Google Groups (#2).

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