Earning Big Bucks With Social Media Traffic

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Moderator: Rand Fishkin

Speaker: Michael Gray – Atlas Web Service

Social Media is one of the hardest things to monetize. People aren’t coming in with an open wallet. Only try to monetize it once you really get social media.

Don’t Break Da Rules understand the written and unwritten rules of the community spend the time really getting involved

Create a Knowledge Resource create valuable content that is helpful and solves a problem gives example of software reviews and how to help people with them offer free solutions

Use Social Media to Promote Reviews compare similar products from different vendors works best with now or leading edge products keep reviews honest be as in-depth but avoid TLDR (to long didn’t read)

Use social media to build membership use blogs, twitter, email to create a group of loyal followers feed them information with the occasional sales pitdch

Twitter – Deals with a sense of urgency gives woot.com as an example amazonmp3 – offers discounts

What worsks informational resources reviews

Check out http://www.Viralconversations.com


Speaker: Alexander Barbara – ReidBrown Enterprises, Inc.

EasyTweets – http://twitter.com/easytweets

Scenario new site not typical dig targeted campaign

- Shows some results - Can you handle the traffic? will they shut down your site? Do you have a dynamic site? Do you have a plan?

Options Redirect Static pages Google cache Coral Cache – example.com.nyud.net/page/ WP “Super Cache” Plugin

Leveraging Other Resources flickr youtube Amazon S3

Digg users hate Adsense takes ads off for the first 2 days

Strategize Direct Targeted offers, adsense Indirect Subscribers, links, branding

Traffic Quality Varies Digg – they wont do what you want them to do SU Niche (Hugg) Twitter – is different. They are subscribing to your “mailing list”

What we learned understand your audiences choose wisely be prepared(for the traffic)


Speaker: Vanessa Fox – Ignition Partners How to lose a lot of money with social media

How search impacts social media first thing people do for an offline campaign is to serch for more information 2/3 of online search users are driven to perform searches based on… Shows “got milk?” search results Shows “easy button” search results Shows “just do it” and the search results aren’t as good for Nike

Case Study – Coke’s Sue Zero campaign

due to to many users the video couldn’t be played very successful according to Coke If you do a search for “taste confusion” they don’t show up but they do show up for “sue zero” Some comments on the site – its all images (bad bad bad – via Dave) The videos don’t have unique URLs

Case Study – Will it Blend? shows up for the tagline and the brand name Increased Search Volume and rankings lift for tagline and brand Showed rankings for 1 and 2 word terms They have good URLs and link structure

Metrics and Engagement What are your goals? How can you measure success? What are your adjustment plans?

Call to Action and compelling Value Prop viral video by Wendys that gave a link at the end the campaign’s page only had a page where it asked for your email. What were they using as the measure of success? Measure so that you can find the possible failure points and adjust

Contributed by Dave Rohrer.

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