Why Doesn't Google Like WordPress Blogs?

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There is a discussion on Sphinn about WordPress, probably one of the biggest blog platforms on the Internets, and meanwhile, it doesn't even rank in the top 10 for "blog" or "create a blog." Does Google not like WordPress since it's a competitor to their Blogger platform?

Well, some individuals would say this, but I think the person who submitted the story was a bit short-sighted in that it really relates to how the site is optimized for Google, and I have a feeling that the sites ranked higher than WordPress are there for a reason. Further, in terms of why they don't optimize, it's probably because they don't care -- they don't need to. They're definitely the highest-regarded blog platform and have word of mouth marketing going for them, which (in this case) may be more potent than search engine optimization.

Let's revisit the question: does Google like WordPress or not? It seems that WordPress blogs do show up in the SERPs. After all, I believe Matt Cutts has his blog listed in the top 10, and his blog is based on WordPress (which you can also see by looking at the source of his site). Further, WordPress blogs are ranked pretty well in the SERPs in general for less competitive phrases (I'm not sure searching for "blog" was the right example here).

While the discussion is lengthy and ongoing, I think the vision is short-sighted and wasn't properly researched. But hey, that's just me.

In fact, Google does love blogs, according to Matt Cutts. (And why shouldn't they? Blogs love Google!)

Forum discussion continues at Sphinn.

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