SEO Company Using Generic Letter from Google to Attract New Clients

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A Cre8asite Forums member tells us his client is about to leave him for another company. The reason is because this other company claims to be a "Google partner" and proved so through a letter they received for participating in, what appears to be, the Google Video upload program.

The Cre8asite Forum member claims that this other company came in, pointing to a letter from Google that they host on their web site proudly. The letter reads:

On behalf of Google Video, I'd like to commend [Company Name] for being an early adopter to the terms of the distribution of video content online. We're happy to host your videos in our index and make them accessible to a worldwide audience, resulting in greater visibility for [Company Name] and the subjects of your video.

I look forward to continuing this relationship into 2006 and beyond.

Regards, George Strompolos, Google Video

To be fair, it appears that all this company is doing is saying they will help them get ranked well in the Google organic results with a Google Video result for their company name. Now that is not too hard. But the thread claims this company is using the "partnership" with Google as the selling point. Google, as we know, was eagerly pushing the video upload program, see Search Engine Journal's write up on that. Dated in 2005, Google did not yet own YouTube and was trying to play catch up. They did what they could to encourage people to upload videos directly to Google Video. Now, since they own YouTube, it is a different story.

The thread asks if the company who is pitching the Google partnership bit being unethical.

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

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