Google Runs with Five Philanthropic Initiatives

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Yesterday, Google announced that its charity organization ( will be working on five different initiatives to "combat climate change, global poverty and emerging threats such as pandemic disease." While the news is being received well by many individuals who are glad that Google is stepping it up a notch, others are obviously skeptical of the approach:

I suspect that handing out $30 million in grants is cheaper than showing true corporate responsibility. Don't forget the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks given to Google to move to this or that location. Taking the US-wide view, Google avoiding all these taxes means substantially less tax money to spend on 'Do Good Projects' by the various levels of government - a shortfall which must be met by an increase in taxes, or just not met at all.

But others disagree:

Well, that not only does whatever good Google can do with that money, but it prevents whatever ills the various levels of government would have done with it...

Overall, while there are a few critics in the crowd as there always are, the situation looks to be a win-win situation, with many people applauding the approach of Google.

They are starting to be like Bill Gates Foundation which is great! You earned billions of dollars from society and are now contributing back to society. These news immediately give me a much favorable outlook of Google. This is really a blessing of humanity that arch rivals Microsoft and Google do have a same goal - to help mankind.

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