What's Your Highest Click Through Rate (CTR)?

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A WebmasterWorld thread asks how well you're doing on your Google AdWords advertising campaign. What's your highest CTR? One forum member says that he had 7% and after split-testing ads, got a 12% CTR. Others have actually seen 20% CTR. I have to say that this is pretty impressive.

Click Through Rates depend on a lot of factors, though. So if you're not doing so well, it's okay. Here are some factors you want to consider:

CTRs depend on so many factors... including the following and so many more: the vertical, your average position, the strength of competition, how well your ad is written, how close your ad matches the query, the match type of the keyword, seasonality, the day of week/time of day, the particular syndication partners that drive traffic to this keyword, what country you're in, who you're targeting, and more.

And if you have a high CTR, stop worrying about your competition. You're doing just fine as it is.

But in case you're curious: are you as lucky as some of these advertisers? Take the poll.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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