Link Baiting - 96 Different Strategies

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Todd Malicoat - - Hook Combinations for Successful Linkbaiting

Shows a photo of B-Real of Cypress Hill (I am able to call it out before anyone - all those years of listening to Cypress Hill payoff)

95 Thesis - Read it Markets are conversations it is social media b4 there was social media

some Linkbait will bomb (Todd is rolling and zipping through slides)

2 Step Process 1. Target distribution channel - get people's attention 2. Target (link markets) webmasters - keep their attention

Distribution Channels blogs email

Hooks news hook attack hook resource hook sex hook picture/video hook incentive hook resource hook contrary hook humor hook ego hook

How to combine these? - the 1 + 2 Punch

Example: Interview = Ego Hook + Resource Hook - an example by Graywolf

Example: Humor + Picture + Resource = and

Editoriasl = Attack or Contrary Hook + News Hook = Bill O'Reily and Stephan Colbert (real life)

Has a list of link types but my fingers cant keep up. Check out the presentation

Digg Tips - know the audience - submit crazy titles - stretch relevancy - a new twist on an old topic is the only way to get an old topic some newy eyballs - 8 diseases that give you super human power - great example of an extreme linkbait

How long would it take to beg for 1500+ links???? - shows yahoo results with a post Todd wrote that has 1500 links

In the end - be real - 2 step process - know the hooks - understand the audience

Andy Hagans - - he is from Texas and proud

Link Bating to make Money

Rule #1 Know Thy Community - lingo, attitude, etc. unique to each community - Act as a normal user for a while before submitting content

How to Bait digg users - Digg users are very sensitive to anything that even smells spammy or seo - Most things he submits doesnt even have ads at all on it and things still get killed How to bait Reddit Users - Target: Politica junkies - Topics: environment, conspiracy theories, etc. - Tasers - seems to be a story everyday about Tasers

Delicious Users - Target: librarians and info junkies - Resource hook works wonders 101 xyz.... - The easiest to manually spam

Stumble Users - target: im bored, waste my time - make it pretty! Pics above the fold, formatting, etc - all above the fold.

Ummmm @##@# - battery is dead.

Contributed by Dave R.

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