Congrats to FeedBurner on Google Acquisition

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On Friday afternoon, I wrote at Search Engine Land that Google Confirms Acquisition Of FeedBurner. I have my conference call notes of Susan Wojcicki, VP Product Management of Google, and Dick Costolo, co-founder and CEO of FeedBurner answering questions from the press. I tried my best to get answers to more marketing oriented questions but most of the questions and answers were financially focused (as you would imagine).

I wanted to first congratulate the FeedBurner team. I have been a huge fan of their services from day one and I am happy for them. As much as I was happy for Urchin, when Google bought them.

Now, let's go to the forums, to see how SEOs and SEMs feel about the news.

There is forum discussion at both Search Engine Watch Forums and DigitalPoint Forums and here are some highlighted posts:

It's a reasonable assessment that Google's acquisition of Feedburner simply increases their possible ad inventory (as well as offering some very juicy data). I think that it's highly unlikely that AdWords would be forced onto feeds though, especially without re-numeration. I can see a blogger style implementation happening, where they make it very easy (or maybe the default) to use AdSense in the feeds.

If it means we could be seeing an easier entry into their feed advertising programmes, I'm happy. Feedburner has (had?) a very high requirement like 500 subscribers (unsubstantiated; read somewhere).

BOTTOM LINE: This acquisition increases reach and provides new opportunities for both AdWords advertisers and AdSense publishers. At the same time, it helps Google provide even better results in the SERPS.

I agree that there is outstanding synergy between FeedBurner and Google. I am pretty excited to see how this will help the publishers, the advertisers and those who love to look at stats.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums and DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld.

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