Is Google Headed Towards a Search Monopoly?

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A DigitalPoint Forums poll is currently open that asks the obvious question given Google's recent press: Is Google going to become a search monopoly?

The results (currently) are not so surprising:

Yes, that's where we're heading.2064.52%
No, I don't think so26.45%
MSN and Yahoo won't let that happen825.81%
Really can't say anything26.45%

There's a lot of interesting discussion, from Google needing more of a global presence to become the search monopoly, to other properties (MSN and Yahoo) that excel in other areas:

Internet search wise yes. They still need to focus on non English speaking markets, like China.

not exactly, remember is still owned by yahoo, right! photo search is more important than the vedio search, and is better than google in picture search.

Google's successes must lie in their passion:

Google is good, but I don't think they're that good.

Even if they did make a monopoly it would be short lived and eventually crumble. Why? Because the web changes fast and all it takes is a small group of commited thinkers to come up with the next big thing.

Google definitely is up ahead right now, but I don't know if I could consider it a monopoly. They have a lot of things in their favor, but there are other successful properties that constantly challenge Google's success in that area.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint.

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