Special Afternoon Keynote by Jon S Von Tetzchner of Opera

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Brett praises Opera....

Jon S Von Tetzchner is now up... They make browsers. They put the browser on anything out there. PC, Mac, Linux, Solaris, etc. You can also run it on your mobile, nintendo, etc. all running the same source code. The product is the same, feature wise, on all devices, no matter what. 3 business units include, desktop, mobile and other. The browser is the glue between all devices (PC, tv, mobile, etc.) 39 millions downloads of Opera on desktop on 2006. More than 150 million downloads ever. More than 40 million phones shipped with Opera pre-installed. More than 7 million active Opera mini users. More than 500,000 my opera community members. Top 5 countries using Opera for desktop; Russia, Germany, USA, Poland and Japan. Top countries using Opera Mini; Russia, USA, Ukrain etc. They are a team of 350 people, including 250 engineers. They have been doing this for 10 years. Opera has spent more than 1 million dev hours and 2 million testing hours. Opera is innovative in many ways, tabs, etc. There can be only one web he said, but numerous devices are coming out, ready to connect to that web. They added widget support natively. Opera's commitment is to web standards; including the Acid2 test and they are working n 3D canvas support. They use fraud protection from TrustWatch and GeoTrust. They support cutting edge developer tools. Opera for Mobile, same code base - three products; Opera platform and Opera Widgets, Opera Mobile and Opera Mini. He showed that the Nintendo Wii is coming pre-installed with Opera, he wants one for Christmas. Also the Ninentdo DS has Opera. Sonly Mylo has Opera, so does the Nokia 770, and the Dreampark Dreamgallery IPTV Solution.

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