Brand Building is Link Building?

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I basic thread at Search Engine Watch Forums describes once again the importance of making your brand and/or site popular to have top rankings in Google and other search engines. The thread creator says;

I was just thinking about which one would be more effective. Is it Link Building or a Brand Building. I was looking at the site/blog of Matt cutts. Matt cutts never did Links with anyone, but he has build a huge brand name where thousands of people linked to him as the best seo resource.

BlackKnight (Ammon Johns) answers this;

Actually, Matt already had the brand, which was what built a large proportion of the links. He also does link to things fairly frequently.

What would be really interesting to see would be if Matt left Google to see how long before all his 'fair weather fans' would cease paying attention or caring about his thoughts if they didn't impact directly upon the brand of Google. I think the links would cease building pretty fast if he was just Matt Cutts of some lesser-known company (which is sad and fickle).

Makes you think about that situation, doesn't it. But all in all, brand building is crucial in link building.

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