How To Waste The Day with StumbleUpon, And Love Doing It

Jun 22, 2006 • 1:39 pm | comments (5) by | Filed Under Web Promotion

Someone posted at Cre8asiteforums about a new Firefox Extension called "Stumble Upon" and already it's a hit with forum members. Since the guys were all ga ga over it, I decided to give it a shot, using my female abilities of remaining calm and practical in a room filled with men playing with their toys.

If you have Firefox, and time to waste, you might like this. I was glued from the moment I saw the menu of sites to explore. You can vote up or down, which is nothing new. However, this little app goes out and finds sites you may not have seen before, in topics you like. From the site:

"In effect, StumbleUpon's members collectively share the best sites on the web. You can share any site by simply clicking I like it. This passes the page on to friends and like-minded people – letting them "stumble upon" all the great sites you discover."
Some of the folks trying it out, in StumbleUpon!, Great Way to Generate Traffic admit to becoming quickly addicted. Heck. It's either this, or those squishy stress balls.

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