A9, Alexa & Amazon Drops Google Dumps Windows Live Search: Smart Move by Amazon?

May 3, 2006 • 7:16 am | comments (0) by | Filed Under Bing Search

Monday, some of the big news was Amazon A9 & Alexa Dropping Google for Microsoft's Windows Live Search product. It is always nice to let that type of news settle a bit and see what the forums have to say about it. We have three active threads, that I am aware of;

Many are happy to see more competition come Google's way. In this case, Google is the leader and Microsoft is the underdog, and who doesn't love an underdog? Some speculate that AOL may switch to Microsoft also, but that was shot down before.

DaveN mentioned on WebmasterRadio.FM yesterday that he thinks this is an incredibly smart move for Amazon. Amazon has generated so much buzz about A9 and Alexa with the announcement, it is huge. If they would of just resigned with Google, no one would have paid any attention. If they would have dropped Google for Yahoo, there would have been a splash. But partnering with Microsoft, now that makes a huge statement and generates a ton of buzz.

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