11-Year-Old Fails With Google And Switches To Yahoo!

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All the debate if Yahoo! is a more relevant or better search engine than Google continues. We ran our Search Engine Relevancy Challenge, which showed at the 10,000 result mark that Yahoo! was more relevant than Google at the time of the study. But at some point, Google took the lead at the live results page to have a 0.1764 lead over Yahoo!, not sure when that happened, last time I checked Yahoo! was in the lead.

I found a thread at DigitalPoint Forums named Interesting Google story from my daughter last night. The story shows how an 11-year-old tried to find material for school on Google and was to frustrated that she switched search engines to Yahoo! She discovered what she was looking for, ultimately at Yahoo! Search. Here is the story as documented at the forums;

Daughter says, "So dad I was working on my architecture project and presentation last night for social studies. I ended up using Yahoo to find my answers instead of Google."

Dad says, "Oh? Why is that?"

Daughter says, "I tried Google first and all I was finding was amazon site trying to sell me books on architecture."

Dad says, "So then you tried Yahoo?"

Daughter says, "Yes. I was able to find 2 sites on the first page of Yahoo last night that helped me a lot on my project!"

Dad says, "You couldn't find anything on Google?"

Daughter says, "No. Not on the first page. I gave up."

Dad says, "What words did you use in your search?"

Daughter says, "I don't remember. I was trying to find different blue prints and general architecture information."

Dad says, "Well that is why there is more then one search engine, good for you trying more then just one!"

So which engine is the most relevant? I think the last line sums it up well. "Well that is why there is more then one search engine, good for you trying more then just one!"

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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