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I think I covered this session at least twice. So let's see if there is anything new or not. One new thing I see is that Jennifer Laycock is the moderator for this session. Seems like they are a bit late to start, projector issues or something, maybe its a sound issue because I know Matt Bailey does this thing with screen reading tools that shows off how funny spam sites sound with a screen reader.

Michael Murray from Fathom SEO I'll leave his introduction out of this coverage, since I disagree with it.

- SEO is not a shopping spree - Yes, you need the traffic but try to pace yourself - Even sound practices may fail if they are rushed into and overdone

- Domain Stuffing -- Short domains are easy to read -- Multiple hyphens or forced capitalization looks like spam

- Managing too many keywords at once -- Prioritize -- What are your profit margins -- Give main keywords enough attention

- Folder and Page Name Excess -- Yes, keywords can influence rankings -- Make sure they match content

- Taming the Title Tag -- Long titles are useless -- Multiple keuwords that create lengthly titles cant all rank well

- Meta Descriptions -- Avoid long descriptions -- Portion appears in the search results -- Laundry list of keywords may not match content

- Over the top meta keyword tags -- Hard to avoid this traditional step -- Some engines downplay this tag

- META Bonanza -- Skip misc meta tag options -- They do little for search engines

- Overdone Visible Text -- Massive keyword repetition in a small space may annoy Web site users.

- Heading Tag Misuse -- Don't overstuff -- Avoid OVeruse -- Complement design

- Visible Text in Unusual Places -- Looks like an amateur put the site together -- Text placed above the entire page

- Site Maps -- Site maps are essential -- Don't pursue too many keywords -- Avoid major copy clusters

- Visible Links Blitz -- Yes, links in content are useful -- Too many may be viewed as spam

- Anchor Text Gone Wild -- Too many search terms in the same hyperlink dilute the impact of a favored keyword or phrase

- Renegade Programmers -- Know what your programmers are doing

- Link Title Attribute Mess -- Prime example of overkill -- You can do these things, but should you? -- No consistent opinion about their value

- ALT Tag Overflow -- Easy to do but use restraint -- Only a marginal factor in rankings

- Links - Too many Too Fast -- Be careful what link you get -- Favor slow, steady growth -- Relevancy is the key

- Hidden Text -- Avoid all forms of hidden text -- Make font colors and sizes match design -- Excessive keywords offer no value

- Micro Sites -- Search engines hate duplicate content -- Add good content to your main content

- No Frames Tag - No End in Sight -- The no frames tag space is ideal for citing browser limitations -- Include a robust summary of the site and links to specific pages

Matt Bailey from (new company?) - Rand heckles Matt after he puts up a Jacob Nielson slide. How do users scan? - Headlines - Meaningful Sub Headings - Bulleted lists - Headers - Content Arrangement: Inverted Pyramid style - Half the word count, double the retention

- He gets into his screen reader slides, see chicago, last session - Then the mobile device... - This as was Fathom SEO's presentation, is basically the please see past coverage - Sorry about that

Heather Lloyd Martin of SuccessWorks Why SEO Overkill is Bad for Conversion - Troublesome title stuffing - Kooky copy to get clicks (just to get clicks) - Linkarama Losers (same slide as Chicago) - Conversion Confusion (hard to find buy button, too much info) - Baby, don't stuff keyphrases - Clean up your stuffing - Bad, Bad, Misspellings


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