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Rebecca Lieb is moderating this session.

Jennifer Slegg from JenSense.com is up first.

Cute slides, at the top it has the typical blue border, with "Ads by Jenstar" underlined at the top.

Competitive Landscape in Contextual Advertising - Google AdSense - YPN - Kanoodle - IndustryBrands - MSN ContextAds

Google AdSense vs. YPN Similarities: - Both have large pools of advertisers - Offer similar ad formats and advertising in RSS feeds - Real time stats and identical stats - Neither will tell you the revenue share - Cannot run either program on the same page at the same time - Similar terms and policies Differences: - AdSense accepts all International publishers, YPN does not while its in Beta - Google offers image ads, CPM ads, ad links, search and referrals, whereas YPN only offers traditional ad units and rss ads - You are going to get better paying ads from YPN - AdSense allows multiple ad units with little duplication in ads, YPN has more duplication - PSAs at Google, RONs at YPN - AdSense RSS feeds is full, but YPN is open

- Kanoodle Brightads -- 35 cents per click -- Net 30 -- Many verticals -- Real time stats - Quigo AdSonar - IndustryBrains - MSN ContentAds -- Very little known this time, rumored start data in 2006 -- Likely to be US only when it first starts

- Finding the best monetization for your site -- Seemingly identical programs can perform quite differently -- Don't assume what you currently use - or what you see used on a competitor's site is the best option for you -- Different sites may find competitive programs offer the best monetization for each -- Revisit your options every six-months, or when a new player arrives - Tools -- AdSense Tracker -- Ad Rotating Script -- Custom Channels -- URL Channels -- AdSense Preview Tool -- The only way to get specific earnings data from either is through your control panel. -- Third Party Tools --- Google Analytics hack for tracking AdSense & YPN --- Know what specific ads are being clicked, what page they are located on and what IP clicked --- Get CTR color data on a title, description, URL, etc. --- Download CSV data

- Rotating Ads -- PHPAdsNew is a tool of choice --- Allows rotating on a 50/50 basis or whatever rotation is required to test --- Allows geotargeting for YPN traffic

- A/B Testing -- Select the programs to test -- Set up channels -- Install PHPAdsNew and rotate -- Let it run for a few days -- Then begin analyzing data three days in with at least one weeks data, preferably two. Then... -- Analyze data --- CTR --- eCPM --- Bottom line earnings -- Determine the best program for the page -- Be sure to analyze trends in specific times and you can code the pages to show different ads at different times

Dae Mellencamp from About.com

How Does About.com Make Money? - Display ads - E-commerce - Contextual Search -- They constantly change things to test these ads and change things

Challenges and opportunities in contextual search - 50% of about.com revenue - Allows you to monetize niche content - Requires the right placements and a great deal of maintenance - Vendors have not yet cracked the code for targeting the individual - Local advertising is still underdeveloped

Will Johnson from Yahoo! Publisher Network

- He puts up his ecosystem slide with users -> publishers -> advertisers -> developers and back.

Yahoo Offers Broad Set of Capabilities - Build and Maintain Site (buy domain and hosting, analytics) - Build Content (access product info, yahoo maps, etc.) - Acquire Traffic (rss (my yahoo, podcast beta), sponsor searched) - Earn Revenue (Contextual Ads and Ads in RSS Feeds)

Contextual Ads: Growth Ahead - Strong targeting capabilities lead to better advertiser conversions - Industry standard editorial guidelines plus sensitivity/competitive filters protect publishers and advertisers - Greater control (for advertisers and publishers) - Growth Opportunities (RSS, Multimedia) - Analysts expect contextual ad spending to grow to more than 10% of total paid search by 2007

Extending Our Publisher Network - They have strategic partnerships -- Editorial and dynamic matching -- Custom implementations --- Leveraging user profiles, content and geo data --- Ad Formats - Self Service Platform -- US beta

Considerations - Competitive Revenue and consistency in earnings - Black Box vs. Control - Business Partnership - Account Management

Targeting Ads to Your Site - Which ads will perform best on an automobile blog? or travel blog? or a music blog? -- Ad targeting feature that enables you to select a category of ads to serve up based on category or subcategory -- He shows an example of a big brother community site and it serving up education related ads

Roadmap and Next Steps - Relevance: Improvements to targeting -- New Algorithms -- Testing - Self-Serve Platform -- Continue to build out info -- Search box -- Direct Deposit -- Launch in Global Markets

Shuman Ghosemajunder from Google AdSense

- Internet ecosystem slide (publisher <-> user <-> advertiser <-> publisher) - How does Google help you meet your objects? - He skipped some slides - Contextual Target and Site Targeting are two sites of targeting (the two work together) - Onsite Advertiser Sign Up allows you to place an "advertise on this site" link - Link Units - AdSense for Search - AdSense Referrals (FYI - they extended the period from 90 days to 180 days today) - Custom Reports - Section Targeting (look at specific content on a page to target on that content) - Seasonal Ad Formats (you know for christmas, etc.) - Google Analytics (not sure why he is demoing this here)



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