Google Wallet Coming Soon to a Pocket Near Year?

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Gary has found some speculative evidence that Google Wallet or Some Other Google Payment System Getting Closer to Reality. He told me he isn't sure but he rarely blogs about rumors, so why not (cool guy).

In the past week, Google has made a few chages/additions/adjustments to their Robots.txt file disallowing specific directories (content they don't want others to crawl) from being crawled.

Let's Review

Last week Google disallowed the crawling of a directory named /purchases.

In the past day, Google disallowed the crawling of the /gwt/ directory. GWT sounds sort of like Google Wallet.

Now, later he added three new postscripts;

  • redirects to: Dirson calls "Sierra" the "service name." I also noted that redirects to the Google home page.
  • Google Rumors took our post and did some more digging and has a bit more.
  • Remember, I said all of this was speculation. I knew when I posted the item I would hear from a bunch of you. I was right. One reader shares that the "/gwt/" directory has existed for some time and involves Google's mobile services. Any page that's reformatted for a mobile device eminates from the /gwt/directory. What must have happened today is that Google added /gwt/ to its do not crawl list. Oh well, there goes that idea. Thanks to B.O.B for the tip.

Got to love it, so this should make for a good forum thread. I started one at Search Engine Watch Forums last night.

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