Web Design Tips from Krug's "Don't Make Me Think" Workshop

Oct 5, 2005 • 1:30 pm | comments (4) by | Filed Under Web Design Tips

Fans of the book, "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug may like this review of a recent workshop blogged by Jonathan Broome in Brainspill

In the entry, Don't Make Me Think: The Workshop, With Steve Krug - Notes and Opinions, he recaps some of the tips and design guidelines presented at the workshop. Topics include On Graphics/Colors, Working with Programmers, Forms, Layout, Graphics, Order and more.

If you haven't yet purchased the book, a second edition is now out with more chapters. It's a popular favorite web design book and one of the few that makes you laugh your head off while you're learning new stuff. (Why couldn't school be this way?) Broome comments on it:

"Get the 2nd edition of the book, by the way. Chapter 12’s "Help! My Boss Wants Me To ___." is worth it. I was asked (just the day before leaving for the trip, actually) to "add some pizzazz" via flash/music, and this chapter gives expert testimony to back up your natural "Ugh, do I have to?" reaction."

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