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Stuntdubl does it again, with a clever thread topic that is now featured at Search Engine Watch Forums named, Top 20 SEO Contradictions. He starts off explaining that these are the arguments he hears in the SEO world almost on a daily basis. I'll quote them here, but make sure to check out the thread for others.

1. All links work vs. Contextual links work 2. Buy links for click through (or don’t buy them) vs. Buy links for search rankings 3. There’s nothing a competitor can do to hurt your site vs. Googlebowling 4. SEO is dead vs. Long live SEO 5. Directory links are important vs. Google hates directory links 6. All penalties are algorithmic vs. Lots of hand edits 7. Sandbox vs. There is no sandbox 8. Filters vs. Penalties 9. The blue pill vs. There is no spoon 10. Pagerank is dead vs. Buy links based on Pagerank (okay this one is just plain WRONG) 11. Content remix vs. Scraper sites 12. Blogs rank too well vs. SE’s don’t like blogs 13. Real simple syndication vs. Real simple stealing 14. Lots of links vs. Quality links 15. Google knows all vs. Google is dumb 16. Lots of directories vs. Good directories 17. Automated vs. Manual 18. Linking in vs. Linking Out 19. Global vs. Local 20. Google is good vs. Google is evil

What I think would be cool, is to come up with a list of "SEO Oxymoron." What I mean by that is terminology used that is contradictory to the fact. Like the term "modern orthodox" in some religions. Modern means to be ever changing and orthodox means to be never changing. :)

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