Search Engines Punishing Shared C-Classes - Innocent Site Owners Looking for Answers

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Been following an interesting thread today on SEOchat that details an issue a webmaster is having with getting his websites IP penalized on Yahoo because Yahoo finally caught up with some spammers on the same IP. He relates most of his problem to significant decreases in ranking positions for his site and is wondering how to possibly come out of the situation back to his normal positions. He goes on that the "pages were not "de-indexed" so to speak. Rather, they have all just dropped very very far in the serps". I thought it was an excellent question as I have seen other threads on the forums detailing this same issue especially with Yahoo. A past thread on SEW called Rackspace hates Yahoo? or Vice Versa? is a good summary of some past issues sites have been facing and how active they can be with this issue.

The forum member on SEOchat is looking to see if he can possibly avert issues that could arise potentially with Google. If Google did penalize him for the issue he would me sunk. Some of the other members recommend possibly switching to a new IP class as soon as possible and waiting it out to see what happens. Others are questioning whether this is a problem or not.

For those that are looking to get reincluded back into Yahoo or possibly see about getting a new review of the site. A thread at Threadwatch tell the story of a member who got his site reincluded into the index over night by asking for a new review. In that instance he used the following link to ask for a new review. For those that are facing issues with Yahoo this url might be of use.

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