AdSense Channels in Real Time & More

Apr 5, 2005 • 5:08 pm | comments (0) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdSense

Google holds back on features for AdSense early on and then slowly gives the publishers what they want. Guess what? Most are delighted. Today, Google announced that they have added real-time reports for channel data, enhanced reports to show ad unit impressions vs. page impressions, and added support for two new languages.

JenSense has her write up here, where she says;

These changes are very much welcomed by AdSense publishers, particularly the ability to see channel stats on the fly. This should hopefully result in more publishers working on tweaking ad unit performance, since they can see the results immediately, rather than waiting two fill days to see if it worked or not.

Forums are now buzzing about the news, including WebmasterWorld, SEO Chat, and DigitalPoint.

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