Apple Outshines Google: Apple - Most Global Impact

Feb 2, 2005 • 9:29 am | comments (0) by twitter | Filed Under Google News & Finances

And rightly so, Apple is a leader in branding. Of course, Google has a huge impact on the World, but Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask Jeeves have been taking small bites out of Google's market share. Apple, well, they are happy with their 2 - 4% market share, but their brand - well, its huge.

After a two-year hiatus Apple has returned to win the 2004 Readers’ Choice Awards for the brand with the most global impact—a title held by Google since 2002. It’s hard to imagine a brand having a shinier year than Apple. Notably punctuated with iMacs, iPods and iTunes, Apple’s 2004 presence was felt in the press, in ads and on the streets, with iPod coming to define the word “ubiquitous.” Coupled with strong revenue, Apple reported a net profit of US$ 295 million in the last quarter of 2004 alone and a 2004 overall net income growth of 300 percent. Yes, 300 percent.

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