Check Your 'Sandboxless' Placement In Google

Jan 26, 2005 • 8:45 am | comments (1) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

A while back we had a method of checking a site's ranking in a "pre-'sandboxed'" state. When Google added support for 32 character search, it has open up the ability to conduct this search again. All you need to do is end your search with "-sdfsdfq -ddsf -dsfsqdf -dqdfqsdf -dqfsdfqsd -sqdfqsd -sdfsdqfqsdf -sqdfqsdfqs -qsdfqsdf -sdfsqdfqsdf -sqfqsdfqsd -sdfqsdfsq -sdfqsdfsdf -qsdfqsdf" or some variation of it. For example; rustybrick -sdfsdfq -ddsf -dsfsqdf -dqdfqsdf -dqfsdfqsd -sqdfqsd -sdfsdqfqsdf -sqdfqsdfqs -qsdfqsdf -sdfsqdfqsdf -sqfqsdfqsd -sdfqsdfsq -sdfqsdfsdf -qsdfqsdf would show a pre-sandboxed state.

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