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Well truth be told, you can't obtain a PR10 for real. I came across a site yesterday from SEOchat that was claiming to have a PR10 on one of its pages. Interesting right? Actually more funny than anything, and its interesting to see such a public display of it. This is not an new redirect trick honestly. This was pretty used for a while with site buyers who bought and sold websites. Know a few people that fell prey to this.

Search Engine Roundtable at PR 10

Apparently there are more ways to get a PR10 then using a silly redirect. Any one care to comment? A group called the Dark SEO team apparently is using the redirect and other methods to test google for various ways to hack it as I gather. Teams have been assigned a subdomain in order to test various problems. The website is actually a blog by search engine hackers, with some pretty good posts. Now I have been cruising the site in the last hour (its in FRENCH) and for the most part the site is pretty harmless. I couldn't find anything exposing any "dark" SEO secrets.

I do hope they post more up on the testing of penalizations in Google. One area myself I like to study. They also have a very neat little google tool that you should check out. You can search google using the daterange tool for pages that have been spidered say in the last several days. There may be other options for the tool but didn't look to much into it.

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