When will MSN Search Beta Go Live

Nov 29, 2004 • 10:27 am | comments (0) by twitter | Filed Under Bing Search

Many search engine optimizers are anticipating the day MSN Search will be replacing its current co-branded search by Yahoo! with its own search technology found at http://beta.search.msn.com/. A thread at Search Engine Watch discusses when the members feel that MSN will go live with its beta search. For some reason, I heard January recently. Danny Sullivan, who has been around this industry more then most, says in the thread:

Bill Gates said earlier this year that the new tech would go live on MSN Search by the end of this year. That's why the Dec. 2004 date is out there. I think MSN Search may have recently backtracked and put out the Jan. 2005 date to have more time to work with. Either case, not long now.

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